10 Movies and TV Movies Where You Watch All American Cast

The CW’s All American one of the most irrelevant and important television shows today. It addresses a serious issue almost every week while still focusing on character development and football aspects of the series. It also boasts one of the most amazing cast of young talent anywhere.

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Most of the main characters are teenagers but are played by actors in their 20s and early 30. They have long careers ahead of them and have also appeared in some famous movies and TV shows up to today. There are also veteran actors playing adults you also know.

10 Chelsea Tavares (Patience) – Not important

Chelsea Tavares ’closeness to Unfabulous

The biggest role in Chelsea Tavares ’career to date is now Patience All American. Patience is a talented singer and songwriter who is also Coop’s love interest. She has experienced some new treatments in the current stages due to an issue while traveling.

It was a long time ago All American, Tavares is best known for a role It doesn’t matter. There he designed Cranberry St. Claire, the girl’s best friend who helped on the show. He also has a recurring role in both Jordan ra and Queen of the South.

9 Monet Mazur (Laura Fine -Baker) – Torque

Monet Mazur leans in front of a Torque man

Even if Monet Mazur has been in operation since 1993, he is not a household name. Mostly he has a small film role and her turn as DA Laura Fine-Baker on All American perhaps the biggest part of his career to date.

Mazur shows all the different movies from Austin Powers: International Mystery Man on The Bunny House on 40 Days and 40 Nights. A very important role for him came in 2004 Torque, a movie about bikers and drugs. She plays Shane, the star’s longtime lover.

8 Karimah Westbrook (Grace James) – Suburbicon

Karimah Westbrook is on a similar boat to Monet Mazur where she has been acting for a long time but All American is his greatest role. There, he portrays Grace James, Mother Spencer and Dillon and former lover of Billy Baker. She shines as someone who always gives wise advice to the mother.

Westbrook debuted back in 2000 and his first film role was a small part in 2001 Save the Last Dance. Most of his movie appearances are relatively minor and on TV he is known for his guest roles. She appeared as Mrs. Mayers in 2017 Suburbicon.

7 Taye Diggs (Billy Baker) – Balance

Equilibrium Preston vs. Brandt

As for being a veteran actor, Taye Diggs could be at the top of the list in this series. The former singer had dozens of credits before he was recognized as his best role ever performed by Coach Billy Baker All American. Billy made a lot of mistakes on the show but he was always there for his family and players.

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There are actually many options to choose from in Diggs ’career including How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Chicago, ug Private Conduct. 2002’s counterweight an interesting one though, as it puts Diggs (Andrew Brandt) alongside Christian Bale in a unique sci-fi / action flick for him.

6 Cody Christian (Asher Adams) – Nation to Kill

Cody Christian without an Assassination Nation shirt

Asher Adams has already begun All American as a man as a friend of the more important characters. However, at times he has done a lot to show his turbulent home life, steroid use, and his growth out of it all. Cody Christian nails every aspect of the role.

The Christian is a class everywhere. That comes with a BAFTA-selected role assigned to Final Fantasy VII Remade and a recurring feature as Mike Montgomery’s Good Little Liars. However, it should be remembered that he had a role as a jerk jock named Johnny in Sam Levinson’s creative film 2018, Country Assassination.

5 Michael Evans Behling (Jordan Baker) – Grey’s Anatomy

Michael Evans Facing Grays Anatomy

Michael Evans Behling has the fewest overall credits anyone has been to All American cast. He made Jordan Baker, the quarterback at Beverly Hills High, Olivia’s brother, and friend both Spencer and Asher. His quality of accomplishment has helped improve his career.

The deal has just taken on a role A Cinderella Story: Starstruck. Other than that and All American, he has only two acting credits. they are at one stage each Anatomy in Gray and Empire.

4 Bre -Z (Tamia “Coop” Cooper) – Empire

Speaking to Empire, Michael Evans Behling is not the only cast member appearing in the series. Bre-Z did the same, for which he deserves to give Tamia “Coop” Cooper All American and an aspiring rapper there, giving it a connection to the music industry.

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While the Bre-Z is better known for his ability to racks in real life, he shows things like The Story of the New Edition and Tales. Empire is her most famous role, working on 31 episodes as Freda Gatz, a female rapper who is close to protagonist Lucious Lyon.

3 Greta Onieogou (Layla Keating) – Heartland

Soraya Duval smiles at Heartland

Canadian actress Greta Onieogou has one of the toughest tasks All American. Playing Layla Keating has a lot of emotional drama which means the actor has to give a lot of performances almost every week.

His most famous credits are one episode each of Schitt’s Creek and Anne With an E., as well as a recurring feature of Heroes Born Again. However, the biggest role of her career was Soraya Duval, a close friend of Amy Fleming, for 50 episodes of Heartland.

2 Samantha Logan (Olivia Baker) – 13 Reasons Why

Nina Jones talks to Jessica on 13 Reasons Why

Samantha Logan could be arguably the best part of the third season All American. Her character Olivia Baker, gets a ton of shine about her drug addiction, as well as her story about racial injustice and how different things are to her because she’s the son of a DA and different. in race.

Logan is an underrated queen of teen dramas. He appeared at several stages in Wolf in the teenager and then there is a repetitive task The Fosters. Same hours All American debuted, Logan was in every episode of episode 2 on Netflix 13 Reasons Why as Nina Jones. He made the bond with Jessica about their horrific history of sexual assault.

1 Daniel Ezra (Spencer James) – A Discovery Of Witch

A Discovery of Witches Cast members posing

Even though he was less than 30 years old, Daniel Ezra didn’t last long, starting when he was 18. Takes the lead role of high school football star Spencer James in All American was indeed the greatest break of his young career.

For the most part, his career is so similar to his star counterparts that it has involved multiple roles in various TV shows. With that Chief Suspect 1973 and Undercover. This value check A Discovery of the Witches, based on the All Souls trilogy of books. There he plays Nathaniel Wilson, a daemon.

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