10 Reasons Chandler and Janice Finished Getting Started

For a character specifically written unwillingly, Janice was impressed with Friends – especially looking back at the show, and seeing how it all went Friends badly treated him by the gang for many years. A weird (and yes, annoying) laugh doesn’t fit Chandler’s constant break up and reconnection, or how much everyone in his social circle hates him. In fact, Janice has always been seen as one of the better characters – competent, anxious, and just looking for a relationship.

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Whatever Janice’s opinion, though, it’s clear at first that she and Chandler are never a real option as a relationship. Even with the constant cohesion (or even meeting as well) throughout the show, all the red flags were there in the earliest times.

10 He Did Not Respect Him

True, Chandler’s sense of humor means he makes nasty jokes about everyone, including the people he loves the most. But he was especially bad about teasing Janice, and this was just the beginning of the ways he showed how little respect she had for him. For the first time, he invites her to a New Year Eve party because she doesn’t want to be alone, and then throws him off at his friend’s party, on New Year Eve. It was completely heartless, and showed how he used her, rather than treating her like a human being.

9 They Don’t Talk

To begin with Friends, Chandler has already tried to break up with Janice – which is also a clear sign of an eternal relationship! But what’s even worse is that if he tries to break things down, he can’t handle it, and he’ll always cry, causing him to stay with him from guilt. Clearly, these two don’t just talk, and that’s the basis of a relationship.

8 He was hated by His Friends

The rest of Friends the gang completely hated Janice, even if it wasn’t really clear why, beyond finding her laughter annoying. It’s unreasonable, though, the fact that Chandler’s best friends can’t tolerate him is always an issue.

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This group is completely self -reliant and spends all of their time together, every day. There is no way a relationship will work here unless everyone rides.

7 Have a Different Perspective on Laughter

Chandler prides himself on being funny, even later going into marketing to try and make a career out of how he feels. And he’s funny, even if his humor is always dry, sarcastic, and borderline mean. However, Janice has a completely different idea of ​​what is funny, and as such has a much warmer, more enthusiastic way of life. For two people who found humor to be very important, the fact that they had a different idea of ​​what was meant was a big problem.

6 They Are Together For Comfort

It’s quickly clear that Janice and Chandler are alike with each other because it’s convenient. At first, their dating ended because Chandler was injured which was harder to leave than to stay, and then because Chandler needed the date at the NYE party. After all, every time they start dating because no matter how they break up with each other – on a blind date, online … they don’t arouse their love because they make adult decisions to try too , but because something familiar happened to show up nearby.

5 They unleash the Most Evil in each

For all he talks about, Chandler is a bit insecure and doesn’t want to make a scene or be famous in life. Janice, on the other hand, lacks confidence. She likes to be strong (and wears strong clothing), and enjoys standing up and cheering. Together, it works – he can take him out of his shell and he can give a consistent influence, but in the show, it also does the opposite.

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We see Chandler shrinking around him, and he seems to be more aggressive in paying. She also seemed worse and more cowardly in how he treated her than other women, and she was willing to keep running after him, acting with no respect for herself. They can both do much better.

4 He Was Clearly Invested More Than Him

From the start, it was clear that there was an imbalance in this dynamic, and that Janice had more to invest in the relationship than Chandler. She was always willing to run back to him, and who was actively excited to start the relationship as well (and also had bitter hopes too). Having one person who is almost uninterested and another who is in everything is never possible for a healthy relationship.

3 He never stood by Him

chandler janice at the grocery store

It was clear from the woman who later became Chandler’s wife that he was looking for a stronger, more confident woman – and someone who would stand up to him. Janice, even if you’re very outgoing and confident, rarely stands up to Chandler, and it’s always clear that she’ll just keep coming back. For better or worse, it’s not just a dynamic that will work for Mr. Bing.

2 He Actively Rejects Him

Friends Screenshot Janice Season Ten Last Show

One of the most common red flags (of a sea red flag) is that he never likes Chandler – and he always lists reasons to leave. Later, he realizes that he broke up with the women because of seemingly small mistakes, and it even led him to reunite with Janice, but it wasn’t intentional. In her later marriage, Chandler did not see yesterday Monica’s mistakes so she’s not alone – He doesn’t think about his mistakes, he sees them as lovely quirks. Being with someone he considers wrong and annoying will never last long.

1 The Time That Never Lines

Despite all of this, a lot of fans think that Chandler and Janice can really be soul mates – but they disappear because of time. When Chandler first dated Janice, he just wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. And by the time he was there, he and Janice had so much history that it never worked out. Maybe this pair would have a shot if he showed up halfway through the series, but we’ll never know.

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