10 Things Director Playing Julia Stiles Dates This Co-Star

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After the reporter pointed out that Julia and Joe, who are both now 40, did not share many scenes in the film, the filmmaker agreed. “I know, right? Isn’t that funny? Like she did, she expressed her love for Heath, and she loves the guy waiting for her trailer to take the next scene,” Gil wondered. “Yeah, but looking at them, it’s nice how much they enjoy each other.”

This romance is probably one that most fans have forgotten, and none of the stars have commented on Gil’s interview. But Julia herself was responsible for the relationship in 2001 Rolling Stone profile, pointing out that he and Joe both lived on the same floor in their University of Columbia dormitory at the time, even if the sparks had been emanating before.

the Rolling Stone writer refers to 3rd Stone From the Sun. Alum is like the star’s “old lover,” and Julia herself explains, “We’re friends.” The actress added, “How are we to each other.”

Any romantic feeling is clear in the distant past. Julia got married Preston J. Cook in September 2017, and they welcome child Strummer next month. Meanwhile, Joe gets married Tasha McCauley in December 2014, and they were there since welcoming the two men.

But who else now wants to rewatch 10 Things to immediately get any clues about fraudulent pairing?

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