10 Ways Social Media Could Have Changed

Because Sex and the City ended in 2004, the same year Facebook was founded, there was no social media in the show world. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha live with landlines, rolodexes, pre -made plans, and photos taken with real cameras – and even their flip phones only show up later in the series. It’s a snapshot of life in the ’90s, and dating before Tinder, but how will that change if the show airs again today?

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If four friends were navigating New York with the help of Instagram and Bumble, what would be different for them – and what impact would it have on some of the story’s most influential stories? From character changes to specific scenes, here’s how social media can make a difference.

10 Carrie’s Techno-phobia Can Be A Big Problem

carrie bradshaw sex and the city satc writer work computer apartment

Carrie is known for her nervousness about technology-she doesn’t back up her computer (or understand what it means), she’s confused by most of the technology, and even in the movie, refuses to pick up a smartphone (and doesn’t know how work Samantha). The original series presented this as a quirk: look how cute it is, Carrie isn’t good at the internet and uses her laptop as a glorified typewriter! However, in a modern world, this can be a big issue. Especially working as a writer, Carrie needs to have a social media presence and know how to post online, and her techno-phobe nature needs to be a plot point, because she can be destructive. in his career.

9 They’re Always Taking a Selfie

Sex and the City Carrie Samantha Miranda Charlotte

It’s a bit of an obvious one, but the number of selfies should go through the roof of a social media-centric reboot. Especially given Samantha’s work in PR, and her ability to get to all the hottest events, they would have continued to snap photos of themselves. It also makes for an interesting story, with one concerned with preferences, and others struggling with body image from all that constant photography.

8 Lexi’s Death Goes Viral

Lexi Featherstone Sex and the City Time 6

A period of Sex and the City that life without rent in the minds of fans when socialite Lexi ended up falling out the window of her death at a party-a truly shocking sight that shocked everyone. It was a dark moment for the series, and one that led to the women talking about the girl’s death at the party more symbolically, as well as literally.

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Even if everyone had cellphones, though, someone was no doubt filming it once Lexi started screaming and regretting how boring everyone was-and, for the most part. good or worse, that can go viral.

7 Charlotte hates Tinder …

Because Sex and the City On the dating side, Tinder would have had a lot of presence on the show, even if it was more of a dating app than ‘social media’, respectively. However, this can’t be ignored, and all dating apps will no doubt have their time in the series. Of course, Charlotte hates Tinder, and finds it very transactional and far from her princess dreams. Samantha, on the other hand, probably loves it, and is glad that a guy can just swipe if he wants it!

6 And Miranda Probably Hates All Of …

Miranda at lunch with her friends Sex and the episode of City Luck is a Lady

Miranda, most likely, is the one to hate all social media, and confess most of its flaws. The useless friend who is always the busiest, Miranda has probably piled up Instagram culture and refused to buy it – and there would have been no time to do so, anyway!

5 Berger Changed His Facebook Status

Berger and Carrie in bed;  Bring along the break up post-it note

One of the most surprising breakdowns of the series was when Carrie and Berger decided to try it again, but she leaves the apartment at night, leaving only the post saying ‘Sorry, I can’t, don’t I hate ‘. Carrie was shocked at this way things ended, but at least he knew! To this day, Berger can only change his facebook status to ‘single’, and let it go.

4 Carrie would have grabbed Natasha’s socials

Carrie in her pink bra hiding in Big’s house after Natasha gets home;  Natasha walking down the aisle looking suspiciously at Sex And The City

while Carrie has always been a good character of kindness, when Natasha arrives, she seems to have completely lost touch with what is appropriate and what is not-and thankfully, she is called about it.

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In the series, she tries to talk to Natasha after sleeping with her husband (Great), and Natasha is rightly shocked and tells Carrie to just leave her. In a world of social media, however, Carrie would have been even worse. He may have searched Natasha’s socials, and ended up being blocked.

3 Miranda would have known About Aidan And Steve

Steve and Aidan on Sex and the City

Miranda and Carrie are shocked when Aidan and Steve arrive together, and find out that they have already started a bar … and they are on a double date! It’s not the only time a character gets to know an ex, and is shocked by their situation, though – but it doesn’t happen when they have social media. If this is the case, Miranda and Carrie have no doubt seen Aidan and Steve posting photos together, and tagged with photos of the new bar, or of their new lovers. , and never surprised everyone.

2 Charlotte Can Be A Mommy Influencer

Charlotte and her daughters lily and rose and husband harry

Charlotte no doubt hated Tinder but she would have liked the ability to be a Mommy Blogger. Especially later in the series, she stopped working to become a full-time wife (and later, mother), but she could have found a new place as an influence. Because of his artistic history and his life full of photography, she’s clearly one of the most popular mommy bloggers out there, with photos showing her perfect apartment, fashion, dog, and kids.

1 Carrie didn’t miss her Paris Party

One of the biggest changes to come to social media (and smartphones, and even more texting) is that lost plans aren’t that much of a problem. In Paris, Carrie missed her fan party because Petrovsky asked her to go to the gallery with him – but if she had a smartphone, she would have just finished informing her fans, and just sent a message to them that say ‘hey, I’m a little late! ‘. Afterwards, he could have shown up in time to meet them, and have a good night – even if he were to return to the Big at the end.

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