11 Best Blue Light Glasses for Away Parents

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Best Blue Light Glasses for Distant Parents

As we approach 2 years of living through the screens during Pandemic, it’s time to make sure everyone protects their eyes as the online connection continues! The blue light glasses are made to block the blue-rays that are heavily displayed through digital screens.

Recommended if you spend more than 5 hours at the computer or watching TV, which in the days of a pandemic is not difficult to achieve, you should find a pair of blue light glasses to wear. . If you’re in need for the perfect pair to get you through the remote work day, here are some of the best blue light glasses for adults.

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Nash is Felix Gray

Felix Gray has a variety of blue light glasses that many parents love, but one in particular that catches the eye of many people are the Nash glasses. These glasses are made from the proprietary blue light filtering solution to ensure your eyes remain protected while looking at a screen all day. Nash glasses also offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection and are made without color distortion. Starting at $ 95.

Elias by Warby Parker

Elias glasses are simple square frames, which come in Midnight Crystal Fade and Cacao Crystal, a perfect set of basic unisex glasses to help protect your eyes! Elias ’comes in a medium width frame, but Warby Parker also lets you choose different widths to test at home to make sure you get the right size. $ 95.

Capra by Pixel Eye Wear

Pixel Eye Wear’s Capra designs glasses with a round classic frame with a keyhole bridge that makes it look ‘good stuff’, the Capra with Whiskey Tortoise and black. $ 75.

Megan-52 via Coastal Lenses

Coastal Lens gives us a classic style with more pizzaz around the browsers. These lenses come in Brown Crystal and have a curved browline that helps lift the eyes. $ 73.

Order via EyeBuyDirect

The sequence seems to give a most sophisticated feel with a classic style and a modern touch to them. This pair of glasses comes in Translucent, Charred Quartz, Ocean Tide, and Amber Tortoise. $ 70.

Power by EyeBuyDirect

Another star of EyeBuyDirect, this one is designed with a square shape and features a modern flat metal for the frame. The frames come in Matte Silver Tortoise, Matte Gold Tortoise, Matte Black, Matte Black / Golden, Navy Blue & Tortoise, and Coral & Tortoise. $ 49.

Ottoto Waterloo by GlassesUSA

This pair brought to us by GlassesUSA has round lenses with nice features all around. It will suit lovers of oversized looks. These frames come in Black, Gold, Black & Silver, Black & Gunmetal, Gray & Gold, Pink & Gold, and Black & Gold. $ 88.

Livho 2 Pack at Livho Store

This option is a pack of 2, which comes in Black and translucent. They have a classic square lens and a simple frame. You can have two handy if one is missing! $ 15.98.

Retro P3 Shaped Blue Light Blocking Clear Round Glass D280 by ZeroUV

This pair from ZeroUV offers a first look with round lenses, and several color plastic frame options. This option comes in Red / Clear, Yellow / Clear, Black / Clear, Matte Black / Clear, and Clear / Clear. All sets have a translucent undertone with high color. $ 12.99.

Chic Everyday Blue Light Filter Oversized Glasses D258 by ZeroUV

For a more childish and more hipster look, try this multi -pair! With the large square lens and a thin overall frame, one is sure to look and feel cool wearing it! This pair comes in Black / Clean, Turtle / Clear, Clear-Tan / Clear, and Clear / Clear. $ 14.99.

Edith is Teddith

This funky pair of Teddith glasses has an aviator glass look while keeping it modern and new! This pair is also for those who love size looks and want to stand out while keeping your eyes safe! Comes in Black & Gold with a thin frame and a thick black square lens. $ 34.99.

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