11 Foot Barn Door Entertainment Center

This beautiful barn door entertainment center does it all while also looking great! It’s a BIG project – up there with a kitchen built in – but with simplified step by step plans, it’s not hard to do. It took us two days to build and finish and we cost almost $ 1000.

Features at the Barn Door Entertainment Center

  • Fits TVs up to 65 “WIDE with adjustable height
  • Tons of hiding are hidden and exposed, perfect for hiding and revealing
  • The top is used for storage or display as well
  • The sliding barn doors continue to be easily accessible to all
  • There are no door changes, so can fit in a tighter space.
  • Heavy 3/4 “plywood construction with surface frames is how it can be with the pros – you get a piece of artisan quality!
  • Easy to change and finish with any color or stain

See Us Do It

If you are interested in making this piece, please watch our video, as it will help explain many of the steps.

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11 Foot Barn Door Entertainment Center

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