12 Celeb Couples Who Stayed Together After Breakups

the Big Bang The co-star’s relationship early in the CBS sitcom’s 12-season run was a big secret on set, with only a handful of co-stars knowing about their two-year romance at the time.

“All the scenes up until we actually got together in real life, it was obvious there was always something there,” Cuoco recalled of their romance, which was quoted in the oral history of Jessicas Radloff’s show. “There was chemistry, and we had a crush on each other. That was the whole first season until we actually got together for real.”

At Comic-Con, they pretended to say goodnight in the hotel lobby with a friendly hug, and then, Cuoco said, “We were like little rats at night, running back and forth in the rooms of each other, trying not to be noticed. I mean, who do we think we are?”

Even though their real-life romance ultimately went up in flames, Penny and Leonard’s chemistry wasn’t affected one bit, thanks to Cuoco and Galecki’s enduring affection for each other

“Johnny is actually one of my best friends,” Cuoco said Watch What Happens Live in 2015. “It’s a situation that ends well. I understand sometimes it doesn’t. It can be horrible.”

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