15 Most Terrible Laws In The Story Of A Servant

The Story of the Servant is one of the most frightening dystopias in television history. The United States of America was replaced by the Republic of Gilead, an extremely oppressive theocracy that enslaved and enslaved almost all of its citizens, and even its ruling class often fell victim to its barbaric punishments.

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hapit na no one will live in a country like Gilead, so the country’s politicians make basic laws that ensure no one in the country can leave, because they don’t know how or because they are afraid to stand up against their government. Almost every one of their laws is something of a lesson to the fears of extremism, but some laws remain the worst of the worst. These are the most terrible laws of Gilead.


Women Can’t Vote.

Any woman living in the Western world is shocked at the idea that their right to vote has been taken away, and it says so much about the structure and laws of Gilead society that it is actually one of the least horrible laws. which they enforce on their people.

The governing body of Gilead is completely confusing and unclear, and it would appear that this is a deliberate move to confuse where the power really is. So in that sense, it’s a question of how much of the “Republic” vote in Gilead is important at this point.

Some classes are not entitled to a fair test.

Americans were raised with the idea that they were entitled to certain rights available to all, and one of the biggest was the right to a fair trial.

And while favored Gilead classes may have a chance at a “fair” hearing (if cutting off the hand for bad behavior is considered fair), others don’t have a chance to speak in their own defense. As shown in Emily’s arrest early in the series, she is literally unable to speak.

Woman Can’t Write.

The Story of the Servant: Why Serena Returned to Fred (What Is Her Plan?) Serena Joy

It is more surprising to imagine any government making it literally illegal for half of their population to write, but Gilead is nothing if not the worst conceivable oppression. The Biblical justification for this law is almost non-existent, but the actual word of the Bible clearly has no major impact on the facts of the extremist Gilead laws.

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Words have power, as shown in Serena Joy Waterford’s early career as a serious right -wing writer. And since the women of Gilead should have as little power as possible, it is not surprising that they are now banned from writing.

Woman Can’t Read.

This law was clearly in line with the previous law, but in addition to being prohibited from writing, women were also prohibited from reading.

This is a terrible but clearly a little distortion also of a law from Gilead, because while they use the Bible to justify every horrible thing they do, if women are forbidden to read then they are not exactly to prove or disprove that the laws of Gilead were in fact entirely fabricated in vain. As fans saw last season The Tal of the Servante, Gilead took this law very seriously, and Serena was lucky to have only lost a finger instead of a hand.

Women can legally be considered “non -women” and deprived of all rights.

Alexis Bledel as Oflgen/Emily in The Handmaid's Tale

Women are very clearly banned in the Republic of Gilead, but surprisingly, they are possibly even lower on the totem pole than a Gilead woman.

Non-women are women who do not fit into the new Gilead society for a reason. They may not be able to adjust to the new world order, or they may be “criminals” (i.e. they were advocates of social justice or during the pre-Gilead period, or engaged in other professions or practices seen in Gilead not acceptable).

Competing Religions are banned.

In a theocracy, it is irritatingly realistic to think that all other religions are forbidden by law and that people who follow those religions can be punished harshly because of their different points of view.

But Gilead’s particular brand of Christianity was the worst version of the fire-and-sulfur religion, and while they made “competing” religions illegal, they also made every branch of Christianity except themselves illegally. And of course, anyone found to be of a different faith was often sentenced to death for their heresy.

Woman Cannot Own Property.

This is another of the more deceptive laws of Gilead society. Given the entire social structure of the country, this is hardly surprising. But when it comes to disfranchising its population, there’s nothing much better they can do.

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Things like literacy and religious freedom are undoubtedly important, inalienable rights for all people on earth, but refusing to own one’s literally anything in the world is absolutely trapping them at their life station and giving them zero means of escape, which is an obvious idea. behind this law.

The Contraceptive Is Illegal.

Like anyone who watches more than 40 seconds on The Story of the Servant already know, the whole country of Gilead was supposedly built to address the declining fertility rate in any way necessary.

However, the oppressive nation is likely to speak from both sides of its mouth here, because on the contrary, anyone found using contraceptives is punishable by death (and if childbirth is just as important) , how any death in obese people can be justified). And if forced childbirth isn’t horrible enough in concept, the reality of female slaves is enough to shake anyone’s stomach.

Abortion is retroactively illegal.

Janine holding Charlotte (Angela) in The Handmaid’s Tale

Given Gilead’s stance on childbirth and childbirth in general, abortion as the largest of the taboos is not a major shock. However, what makes their laws about this even more horrible is that it is not only illegal at Gilead, but it is a crime if a woman has already had an abortion, even if she had it at a time or place. where it is legal.

And not surprisingly, it gives the state the opportunity to arrest pregnant women and punish them to serve as servants to atone for their sin.

Men Next To Kinship Rule Women And Children.

Gilead was a nation that relied on the subjugation of its people to act, and one of the clearest and quickest ways they could do this was to grant only any genuine legal rights to men. Women and children in their society because so much property is owned by their male relatives, whether that be their father, husband, or any other man left after the revolution.

Nowadays, most people think that’s impossible because any reasonable person understands that one person cannot own another, but this idea is one of the main foundations of Gilead’s existence.

Second marriage as retroactive is made illegal.

Although A flashback of June’s story reveals that she is literally an adulterer who began her relationship with Luke while she was still married to someone else, that just doesn’t qualify for adultery in Gilead’s eyes.

According to their laws, only first marriage is legal. This means that anyone in the U.S. who divorces and then remarries their second marriage is broken up and considered criminals in the eyes of the state.

Actions can be retroactive illegally.

This idea is self -evident because there are certain actions taken by Gilead that are retroactive illegal, but retroactive laws are not common in civilized societies because they are an unbelievably dangerous standard to set.

Even more frightening is the brutal political situation in Gilead, because it means that those in power can enact laws to target their enemies despite the fact that they never did anything illegal at the time. the action is taken.

“Gender Treachery” is illegal.

Moira volunteers with Canadian refugees in The Handmaid’s Tale

According to the laws of Gilead, fornication was for the purpose of procreation and was therefore only legally permitted between a man and a woman. So of course, anyone who is not heterosexual is illegal.

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It is one thing to ban morals, but to make illegal the existence of an actual person is never understood. It is not surprising that a group of religious ideologues view LGBTQ+ sexuality as a sin or even a crime, but it flies in the face of the most basic human rights in the world.

The Free Press Illegal.

This is one of those laws that is once again as completely unreasonable according to Gilead as completely unreasonable, but when freedom of the press is gone it is very clear how important it is as a fundamental right. in person.

Half the population still cannot read, and the Gilead government has no interest in letting its people know what it is, so the idea that they have any press seems small. But hiding information and facts is one of the most dangerous and easiest ways to control millions of people as well.

Freedom of Speech Is Illegal.

Anyone who has been on Twitter doubts whether free speech should be free at least once in their lives, but the facts of what it means to ban free speech are legitimately appalling to behold. The Story of the Servant.

Regulating what people say to each other is a level of control that only the most formidable totalitarian regimes subscribe to, and putting every person in the country in a mind where they always are. who are in danger if they express themselves openly to lose themselves. self -identity. The rule of Gilead law is to fall in line or die, and nothing can explain it.

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