15 Secrets About My Luck Revealed

10. Lohan experienced his own spell of bad luck while filming, which was revealed during a press conference, “I scratched my lump, when we were shooting in New York, my right foot, and really corrupt, as the film is called Just My Luck. “

11. And Lohan broke a rash while filming the scene using an overflowing washing machine, saying, “I started breaking the rash all out of the soap.”

12. A prank that Lohan pulls on Petrie ends up encouraging him to add a similar scene to the movie.

“I’ll tell you something that scared me. Lindsay was walking with me down the street and turning a corner and walking around wearing a glass wall,” Petrie revealed at a press conference. “I thought, ‘Oh my God, one has a broken nose,’ and he laughed at me. He meant to do it.”

13. Since Lohan had to kiss a lot of different actors during the movie, Petrie allowed the star to have the final say in the casting. “There are times when I’ll let three or four guys out and not tell the guys who the lucky guy is,” Petrie revealed. “They didn’t know who was going to be on the scene. I just said to Lindsay, ‘Choose, choose.'”

Lohan added, “‘Choose,’ as comfortable!”

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