18 Ways to Hang Your Plants Little Gardening Ideas

If you’re running out of space on your window sills or patio, you might want to consider some of the smartest ways to hang your plants.

Wise Ways to Hang Your Plants

Growing plants, inside and out, is a great way to decorate your home and spend your time. Let’s face it, later on, it’s too easy for beautiful plants to overwhelm the limited amount of space you can use.

Not only can this type of gathering make your home or outdoor living space appear cramped, but in some cases, plants can steal sunlight, water, and airflow. that they need to stay healthy.

The quick solution? Airborne! Here are some smart ways to hang your plants so you can free up more valuable land and home.

18 Wise Ways to Hang Your Plants

1. Invest or DIY us aka Hanging Basket Stand

purple flowers in pots hanging on a stand against the sky

If you’re willing to spend a little money, this is it hanging basket The idea is a great way to showcase your plants outdoors or indoors.

2. S Hooks

four S hooks on a while table

Use few S hooks allow you to hang plants on everything from existing light fixtures to wall art. You can hang all your favorite plants without having to punch holes in the wall.

3. Make a Hanging Plant Shelf

filling the hanging bucket on the shelf on a wall

Another trick you can use to hang your plants is to make a hanging plant shelf. There is some necessary work for this one, because you have to do the shelf – but when you can, you can hang the plants inside your heart! If you are not working on growing any plants, the bones in this system can be used for storage or decoration for other items, such as books and knick-knacks.

4. Twig and Branch Plant Hanger

hanger on branch or twig plant

If you want to keep up with a growing appeal, consider going outside to burn your next plant hanger. All you need is a decorative branch and a small amount dizziness to create an eclectic plant display that is unique and fun to decorate.

5. Macrame Plant Hangers

macrame plant hanger

If you want a more boho style in your home, you may want to turn the hangers into macrame plants. You can hang them from the same S-hooks we mentioned above or hang them from any other place in your house you want to look at.

6. Coat rack

coat coat on a white wall

Combine fashion functionality by hanging your favorite plants from a jacket holder. It’s a fun way to show plants in your driveway, especially if it’s halfway through and you don’t have hanging coats.

7. Mixing and Matching Antique Baskets

planting a hanging basket basket

Here’s another fun decorative idea – mix and match some vintage pan baskets to give your home a modern, yet classic, look. You can plant your favorite houseplants in baskets and simply glue them to the wall. Just make sure you have a good drainage system so that water doesn’t go all over the area when you water your plants.

8. Test Lag Bolts

straight bolts

This is a great idea for indoor gardeners looking for a more industrial transformation. Simple hook straight bolts on the wall or on a beam or post and you can hang all of your favorite plants (bonus points if you use macrame plants, to be sure to see if they are used this way).

9. Use an Umbrella Rack

umbrella umbrella on a red wall

You can use an umbrella or even a stand, freestanding coat rack to show your plants as well. This is a great idea for people who want to display their plants – but live in apartments and therefore can’t punch holes in the wall to hang plants in any way.

10. Try a Pergola Trellis

Pot flowers hanging on a pergola trellis

Pergolas made for growing vining flowers and other plants – take advantage of it and create some shade and structure by taking advantage of this scheme.

11. Use a Railroad

Flowers in a pot hanging on a fence

Use a rail or fence to take advantage of your available space. You can grow flowers, plants, or even small vegetables by hanging small pots on a railroad.

12. Create a DIY Voter Plant

Planting a DIY bottle, bottle planting with a growing plant

Not the most attractive scheme – but sometimes, a gardener has to do what a gardener should do! This scheme is great for small plants, such as plants and soft. Simply point a soda bottle in the middle, fill it with soil, plant, and hang. That’s easy!

13. Testing Wall Plants

pallets on a wall with pots

Consider taking advantage of part of your home – an often unused space – by growing some wall plants. As long as the wall has plenty of sun, you can hang small pots or even a pallet with planters attached to the side of your house. You will be able to grow plants and flowers inside your heart!

14. Invest in a Hanging Terrarium

hanging terrariums

You have to buy a hanging terrarium for this idea, but it is probably one of the most visible of most ideas of all. You can use the hanging terrarium indoors or outdoors.

15. Weaving a Habitat with Some Rope

Woven rope in the basket

This hanging plant idea is likely to take you back to your Boy Scout days! Be creative in your tying the knot and weave a hanging basket to suspend your favorite plants outdoors.

16. Bottle Hangings

plant in a bottle, hydroponic plant

You can use this idea for indoor and outdoor plants. Simply wrap a small twine or rope around a bottle and suspend it from a pole or, if outside, from a tree branch. You can display all your favorite flowers in the garden this way.

17. Use Five Gallon Buckets

lined buckets after rain on the garden path

Five gallon bucket it may not be the most attractive, but if you’re looking for creative ways to hang your edible plants outside, these buckets will work. You will be able to grow a lot of volume to create a small space. Just flip a bucket upside down, drill some holes for the ditch, and place some twine or rope to hang the baskets from the pole. Flip upright and plant – your plants will grow from the bottom of the bucket instead of tall in this unique scheme.

18. Stress Stick

Usage a tension rod a smart way to save space if you live in a crowded, cluttered apartment or similar temporary living situation. Just suspend the tension rod in an upright or horizontal manner, depending on how much space, and you can hang all your favorite plants from the rod. It also helps to always use unused wall space!

Hang Loose With These Trendy Ideas

Caring for hanging plants is the same as caring for those that are in a countertop or windowsill location. Keep in mind that you may not want to hang them on a sensitive surface, as water may leak under your hanging basket or other container when you water. You can’t put a saucer under your basket, so you want to make sure you’re drinking wisely.

Sometimes, hanging plants lose nutrition more quickly than those planted in another condition, especially because the water is quickly drained and nutrients are removed from the container that accompanies it. Make sure you have plants on a good fertilization schedule and you have no problems.

If you’re looking for lots of ideas on how to hang your plants, why not give them a try style hanging shelf DIY or this DIY hanging ideas hanging?

Think of some clever ways to hang your plants and be sure to impress anyone who visits your home!

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