20/20 Preview: Mallory Beach Parents Unveil His Death

Mallory BeachParents were willing to discuss the night of his death.

As the story progresses Murdaugh family murders and the alleged financial crimes of Alex Murdaugh, 20/20 talked to Mallory’s parents, who were involved in a boat accident with Alex’s son Paul Murdaugh in 2019, leaving the 19-year-old girl dead. In an E! Exclusive news clip, Renee and Phillip Beach open up about their experiences that night and the loss of their daughter.

“I got a call from my mom to ask if Mallory was at home and I told her she wasn’t,” Renee recalls in the clip. “And he said there was a boat accident.”

As the clip continues, Phillip shares, “I got a phone call from Mallory’s mom saying there was an accident and she was panicked. I hung up the phone and said, ‘No God, not my son. ‘”

Renee goes on to say that, as a child, Mallory was “very fast-headed,” “always a human being” and “was the child who had to be close to you at all times.”

“He follows me wherever I go,” Phillip said. “He wants to do what I do. He can be a girl if he needs to be a girl and he can be a tom boy, let’s say. He loves hunting and fishing.”

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