2022 Master List of Home Goals

Happy New Year, all of you! This past two weeks has been a good, relaxing, invigorating time for me, and I woke up this morning excited about this new year and the fact that it will be THE YEAR I will finish every room in our house. (that is, our house as it is now, not including the addition we plan to build in the back).

It was a long road, with me working alone most of the time (but calling in reinforcements, such as family members and my trusted contractor and his men, if needed). But with only three rooms left, and in all three of those rooms already underway, I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. And I have high hopes, except for any unforeseen circumstances, that this is the YEAR I will end them all.

Thinking of that makes me so excited, and I’m ready to START !! And I’m willing to go back to my annual list making so I have to refer back throughout the year so I can be accountable.

I made one of these lists of home goals a few years ago (I think I started in 2017), even though I skipped it last year. Out of the madness of 2020 (when I didn’t), I just didn’t have to actually make a list for 2021. But this year, I was inspired, and back to my pre -2020 self, so I went back to make a list. Here’s what my 2022 list looks like so far.

The Home Gym

I spent some time during my vacation cleaning this room and organizing a bit. It’s not perfect, either, because it still needs to hold a lot of things – my rowing machine, the huge stack of trim to use for this room, the large floor boxes that will also be used in this bedroom, lighting and other items for bathroom renovations that take place in the next bedroom.

So it’s an organized mess at this point. But at least the hardest and longest project (the striped walls) is done, except for a couple touchups, as you can see. Here’s what’s left to do in the room:

  • Finish painting the walls
  • Install the ceiling fan
  • Install six recessed lights
  • Install, caulk, prim, and paint all trim
    • Window casings
    • Door casings
    • Baseboards
    • Molding the crown
  • Install the remaining hardware flooring in the closet
  • Install foam square gym flooring
  • Make or buy window treatments
  • Construction of the Swedish staircase
  • Build cabinets and shelves in the open closet area
  • Paint Matt’s exercise bike (it’s white, and I like it black)
  • Add mirrors / posters / artwork / whatever else a home gym needs to be an inspiring space

The Master Bathroom

2022 home purposes - master bathroom

I pretty much achieved the master bathroom remodel last year, so I’m hoping to finish it in the first half of the year. Much more needs to be done. Here’s how this list was formed…

  • Tile the rest of the bathroom floor
  • Grout all floors – shower, main bathroom, toilet area
  • Tile the walls in the toilet area
  • Place all tiles as needed (in the corners)
  • Built -in cabinet in the toilet area
  • Install the toilet
  • Install the door between the bathroom and gym at home
  • Install, caulk, prim, and paint all room trim
    • window casing
    • door casings
    • crown molding
    • baseboards
  • Finish with a clear protective coat of Venetian plaster walls
  • Install vanity lighting
  • Make or buy a window treatment
  • Building voids
  • Finish the lower half of the walls
    • wainscoting
    • tile accent/backsplash
  • Order countertops and have them installed
  • Installation of plumbing fixtures – vanity faucets, bathtub faucet
  • Install the bathtub
  • Place the bubble chandelier on top of the bathtub
  • Paint the doors

Yes. That’s a list. Yes indeed! Looking at a small list like that, and especially one that includes things like “building voids”, is a bit daunting. But I’ll only do it one step at a time, and it’s all over.

My Studio

It’s hard to believe, but when I finished the other two rooms, that just left my studio. My studio is the last remaining unfinished room inside our house. After eight long years of working on this house, the original interior we started could be finished this year. Hard to believe.

My studio will be available for a while, but it’s still far from finished, so the room will never function in an efficient way. The main issue is that the room has no storage right now. So here’s what I need to do…

  • Install, caulk, prim, and paint the remaining trim
    • Window casings (all installed, but both still need to be caulked, primed, and painted)
    • Door casings
    • Baseboards
  • Built, prime, and paint cabinets
    • Cabinets in the “office” area of ​​the room near my desk
    • The entire wall of the front cabinets (wallpaper) wall
    • Cabinets near the door to the seat (i.e., breakfast room)
  • Install a light in the storage closet
  • Make shelves for storage closets

That list seems too short, and it’s not very audible, but of all the cabinets I have to build, I’ll bet that room will last as long as the master bathroom takes me.

That’s the three interior rooms that still need to be completed, and that’s my main focus for the year. I know I keep saying this, but I’m so excited that it will be the year that ALL of the existing interior spaces can be finished in our home !!! That’s unbelievably inspiring, so I’ll do my best to stay focused so I can do that.

But there are other areas that I have “second level” goals for the year, and that is the front balcony / front yard, and the carport.

Front Porch and Front Yard

front balcony - stain removed from cedar planks - 1

Our front porch needs some maintenance this year. You can see the current state of the stain/wood protector I used on it. It doesn’t look pretty. That’s why I really need to get a new protective coat on this wood before it gets damaged. Here are some things I would like to do if time allows…

  • Finish the stone façade on the front and side of the concrete balcony
  • Sand and reseal/stain the porch boards
  • Repaint the front door
  • Make a seating area on the front porch
  • Make flower beds around the balcony and plant beautiful things
  • Build side steps (studio) door

I like to think this is the year we can finally pour our way, or landscape our entire front yard, but I can’t breathe. The trail ride will cost about $ 25,000, and with these other things I want to finish this year, I just don’t see that happening this year. Also, Matt said he wanted me to build a workshop (which could also be about $ 20,000) before we spent the money on a trail. And before we can landscape our front yard, there really has to be a sprinkler installed, and I also haven’t seen that happen this year. But if we can win the lottery, that could all change. ⁇


oak - after cutting - 3

If you remember, when the house was purchased, it had a two -car garage. But the garage doors were so narrow that I could barely get into my car (which is a Honda Civic, so it’s not a big car) through the garage door. And my truck would never fit in the doors. So we decided to make a two -car garage in my studio, and then build a carport in the back with a really nice ramp for Matt.

Then somewhere down the road, I thought it would be a good idea to include the carport and make it my workshop where I use all my woodworking tools. It can be very easy in my workshop right outside the doors of the studio (where I do projects like sewing and painting – projects that don’t work).

And then, after thinking about that for a while, I realized how ridiculous that plan was. When we made this carport, they had to use large (and very expensive) laminated beams that could extend over open areas while holding the weight of the roof. Those beams add thousands of dollars in price without the cost of standard wall construction. So if I included the current carport to be a workshop, and then had another carport/garage built at the back of the property, we would have to pay the extra thousands of dollars again. That sounds ridiculous. So instead, we’ll just have a separate workshop built, with more commonly constructed (and cheaper) walls. We were on an acre of land, so there was plenty of space for a large workshop.

So I had to finish the current carport, which I now know is sure to remain a carport. Here’s what it takes…

  • Paint the siding and trim the carport and the back of the studio
  • Paint the back doors of the studio
  • Install a light and fan in the carport
  • Install the beadboard ceiling to include the beams, and prime and paint
  • Make a curve on the wheelchair ramp for safety purposes for Matt

That pretty much summarizes my home goals for 2022. The three interior rooms of the house are my top priorities, so they get the most of my focus and time. But on days when the weather is so nice, it’s hard to stay focused on the interior rooms, so it’s nice to have some outside goals in mind as well.

Here is an exciting and productive 2022 !!

By the way, my other goal this year is to be more present on social media, specifically Instagram. I want to be a place where I share not only the behind the scenes of my projects, but also a personal look at things in everyday life. So if that’s something that interests you, be sure to follow me on Instagram.

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