3 Brilliant Mothers Day T-Shirts Cricut Vinyl Ideas

Celebrating your mother is an important day every year, but Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be difficult this year. You can make one or all of these amazing Crisut t-shirt vine gift ideas for your mom! They are fun, easy to do, and the perfect statement to show your mom how much she really means to you!

Three tshirts laid out on the gray carpet

Mother’s Day T-Shirt Ideas for a Cricut

Whether you celebrate Mother’s Day in early spring like in the UK or late spring like we do here in the US, these t-shirts can be a great addition to your gift. It’s the easiest to do, accessible, and every mother wants to see their children loved for them right in a t-shirt they can wear every day to work, go out for lunch, or just hang out at house!

Another great idea that any mother will love is this cute vinyl quote Mother’s Day shadowboxes. They are very easy to customize and can be hung in their house to remind them forever how precious they are.

White sun day shirt on the table with black jeans

Should I Use A Specific T-Shirt For This?

No! You can use any cotton t-shirt for those with a lot of consequences. I prefer 100% cotton but some blends are good too. The joy of it is that you can always find the size and color t-shirt you want to customize with quotes.

I always have a hard time finding t-shirts with quotes like this that have the right fit, neck line, or even color. This way, if I can find a t-shirt that fits the requirements, I can just customize it with the quote I like and I want!

Pink tshirt next to black jeans

What Vinyl Should I Use for T-Shirts?

For t-shirts, you have to use iron-on vinyl. This is also called heat transfer vinyl or HTV. This is specific for fabric use because it adheres to it and stays long term on the fabric when it is heated.

Unlike other vinyl options, the front part of this vinyl is the shiny side (sometimes called the carrier part) with a barrier that will stay on the vinyl while it is being cut, then wrapped after the vinyl well warmed by shirt or cloth. The matte side of the vinyl will face the height of the mat and is cut.

REMEMBER: I was asked to use Bella + Canvas t-shirts. The unisex model 3001 is a soft but quality shirt that stays true to size and wears really well. It also comes in many colors and up to size 4X so is suitable for making shirts like this.

Mother's black day shirt by jeans on the table

What Tools Can I Use to Seal Vinyl on a T-Shirt?

There are a few different options out there for sealing vinyl fabric. For this instruction, we used a standard iron for the garment because it works well in small batches when used properly. If you’re planning, though, making a lot of t-shirts, you might want to invest in a press release. There are big ones, small ones, and my favorite is Cricut Easy Press.

A press press is ideal for even heating that will last longer and be consistent. You want the same heat that a press will give you to make sure the vinyl is sealed well throughout and there are no spots that could peel off at a later date.

White shirt hanging in the closet

How Do You Wash These T-Shirts Safely?

While you can just throw them in the laundry as usual, I prefer the safety method of putting them back on the outside. I also recommend washing in cold or hot water rather than hot water.

If you need to iron the t-shirt, do so using a t-shirt that is made inside for the best results. While vinyl needs to be heated to attach to the shirt, you don’t want it to melt on the iron without the barrier used when using heating.

Black tshirt hanging on white shelf

Required Ingredients

For Figure # 1

Iron with Cricut mat and black tshirt

For Figure # 2

Pink tshirt with Cricut mat and vinyl on top

For Figure # 3

Rolls of black and red vinyl on the Cricut mat

How To Make A T-Shirt That Was My First Mother

Wash and dry the t-shirt if desired and discard.

Load the appropriate design into the Cricut Design Space.

The plan of the First Day of Mothers in Space Design

Place the blade and seat on the Cricut machine as instructed.

Loads the cartridge in Cricut Maker

Apply Cricut matte vinyl with a shiny side on the top and a matte side on the top.

Scattering vinyl on Cricut mat

Follow the on -screen directions to select the selected mirror and adjust the vinyl setting.

Selecting a screenshot of the vinyl type in the Design Space

Load the machine mat as instructed and allow it to cut.

Loads of vinyl on Cricut mat

When the vinyl cutting is complete, carefully remove the top layer of vinyl to reveal the message. The message will be retracted because it is mirrored to stay good on your t-shirt.

Peeling excess vinyl from the Cricut mat

Use the scraping tool to remove any excess pieces of vinyl.

Reading messages on the first day of mothers

Carefully place the vinyl on the t-shirt where you want it to remain.

Continuing the vinyl on the black tshirt

Place a blanket of wax paper or towel over the vinyl and set the iron on the linen setting.

Place the heat sheet between the iron and tshirt

Once hot, place on vinyl and press for 10 to 15 seconds.

Iron the vinyl to the black tshisrt

Rise in haste, then place in the next area not previously covered. Repeat this process until all the vinyl has been pressed for at least 10 to 15 seconds.

Gently remove the carrier sheet and peel it to leave the vinyl behind.

Peeling carrier sheet from top of black tshirt

How to Make a Unique Mother T-Shirt

Follow the process above using the appropriate

Peeling the vinyl carrier sheet on the tshirt

Load the second piece of vinyl for the black letter into the machine and follow the steps to cut it.

Cut out the letters on the black vinyl

Once cut, peel off the excess vinyl and weed out small pieces if necessary.

Get the black letters

Place the black letters on the t-shirt in the middle of the yellow as shown with a sticky side.

Placing black letters between the yellow letters on the tshirt

Place on a piece of wax paper, and stick with an iron for 10 to 15 minutes repeated as needed so that all the letters are heated.

Ironing wax paper to seal the vinyl

Remove the carrier sheet and peel it off and just leave the vinyl behind.

Peeling the carrier sheet in black letters

How to Make a T-Shirt to be a First Mom Forever

Repeat the same process as in scheme # 1.

The leather sheet from the top of the vinyl

Then complete the extra steps for scheme # 2 with a red heart after applying the black crown and letter.

The peeling that backs up the red hearts

This is your mom’s gift for Mother’s Day!

Peeling the vinyl carrier sheet

Lots of Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Make sure you honor your mom this year with a fun DIY gift. Below are ideas you can make, some budget -friendly options, and of course great ideas for homemade cards that kids and any mom would like to receive!

Provision: 3

Tshirts laid out on the gray carpet

Make your mom an amazing vinco Cricut vinyl ideas on Mother’s Day! A great way to honor your mom on Mother’s Day with a fun new t-shirt she can wear!

Preparation Time
10 minutes

Active Time
20 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


Estimated cost
$ 10


Use any color vinyl you want for these designs!

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Make your t-shirts with designs on the front, back, or at an angle.

Pink t-shirt of woman agianst green shrub

You can use any color vinyl with different colored shirts as long as it pops against the color of the base shirt.

Woman wearing black first mother day tshirt

It’s great for moms for a birthday, holiday gifts, anniversaries, just because, and of course Mother’s Day.

Woman standing wearing white tshirt

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