5 Biggest Surprises to Return to Hogwarts

while Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary: ​​Back at Hogwarts excluding any truly earth-shattering revelations, the special reunion now streaming on HBO Max includes plenty of details about what it’s like to be a young man growing up in Wizarding World. It’s a light and always appealing look back at the franchise and its impact-not at the world as a whole, however, instead of the people whose lives have been troubled by it for many years at a time.

It is too one hour and 43 minutes in duration, so, if you don’t want to commit to the whole experience, here are some of the most bizarre highlights of the special. The focus here is on stories that may be relatively new even to hardcore fans, because believe it or not, there are some mysteries to be explored in regards to. Harry Potter.

05. As The Casts Grow, Their Directors Respond Like That

CHILDREN. Photo courtesy of HBO Max

One of the most interesting theme threads of the special reunion was how the series was made to affect all the young actors, and how important the role of each director’s approach was in tracking their progress. from childhood to late adolescence.

as Daniel Radcliffe and others describe, Chris Columbus (who directed the first two films, Stone of the Magician and Chamber of Secrets) brings a fatherly vibe to his cast direction, treating them like regular kids.

But then, in the third film, a new director Alfonso Cuaron they are encouraged to become teenagers, something that is demonstrated in many ways Prisoner of Azkaban, but is perhaps most noticeable by emphasizing more casual wardrobe options. Following Cuaron, Cup of Fire DIRECTORS Mike Newell came and not only brought new energy to the series, but “treated us like adults,” as cast members Matthew Lewis and Alfred Enoch described.

Although the experience of making these films is sometimes difficult, the actors involved seem very grateful to grow with their characters. In the end, the biggest surprise was that they did will be children, in the long run.

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