5 side hustles you can do 100% from your phone

If you want to start a side hustle and without a car or computer, you might think you’re out of luck. But that is not the case. There are ways to make money in your free time that doesn’t require any special equipment other than your smartphone—whether you’re looking for an easy way to earn a few bucks, or want to launch a full-fledged side business.

5 side hustles you can do from your phone

Remember that the amount of money you earn will depend on the level of service you provide. “It’s important to note that some side hustles may require some additional skills or training. Therefore, it’s important to research and choose a side hustle that fits your skills and interests,” says Matthew Warzel , president of MJW Careers. “Income may also depend on demand for services, location, and quality of work.”

So if you’re looking for some side hustle ideas, consider these options that you can do 100% from your phone.

1. Sell stock photos

You can’t earn the kind of living that successful, full-time professional photographers do (the right way). But if you enjoy taking photos on your phone and have a creative eye—plus good editing skills—you can sell those images for extra cash. After all, today’s smart phones have capabilities that rival professional cameras.

A site that pays for user uploaded photos is Foam. You create an online portfolio of photos and videos you take, and then a brand or agency (or anyone else) who wants to use one of them can buy it. Photos are sold for $10 each, and the proceeds are split 50/50 between you and Foap. There is one inspiration page where you can see examples of good work. To earn more, you can also participate in a Foap Mission photo contest.

Dream time is another site that allows you to upload and sell stock photos, videos, and images. You will receive 25-50% profit share on every transaction. Exclusive files get an additional 10% bonus, and exclusive contributors receive a 60% revenue share for all their sales, plus a $0.20 bonus for each approved submission . Pricing is based on size, age, exclusivity and number of downloads for a particular file. For example, an extra-small, non-exclusive file with content level 0 sells for $1.25, while an extra-large, exclusive file with content level 5 sells for $7.43.

2. Create online courses

If you are a subject matter expert, you can make money by creating a course that teaches your skills or knowledge to others, which can be done right from your phone.

First, you want to plan your curriculum. Brainstorm some ideas in your Notes or similar app. Then you can record instructional videos from your phone. There are also many video editing apps, such as Adobe Premiere Rush and LumaFusion. You need to invest a little money for these tools, which will help you give your courses a polished, professional look. But if you don’t want to spend money, you can opt for a free video editing tool like iMovie.

Once your course is ready, you can upload it to the platform of your choice.

Udemy (available for iOS, Android, and web) is a popular platform for selling online courses, with over 57 million students. To be paid through the platform, you must first complete the teacher identity verification process and set up a payment method. US instructors can be paid via Paypal, Payoneer, or direct deposit. There must also be at least 30 minutes of video content per course and at least 5 lectures or learning modules.

Other popular online course platforms with mobile capabilities include Skillshare, Kajabi, and TrainerCentral.

3. Design and sell merch

Print on demand services can help you earn a side income by allowing you to sell t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and more that feature your designs.

Canva is a user-friendly design tool with mobile functionality, which makes it possible to create slogans, logos, and unique, original images from your phone. Canva is free to use, although there is a pro version with more capabilities.

When it’s time to sell your merchandise, there are several platforms to choose from. I printed is a renowned drop shipping and printing company for ecommerce. Here, you can print and sell merchandise using your designs for free. You simply select the products you want in your design, and when a customer buys from your store, Shopify prints and ships the product. You set your prices and keep the profit.

4. Do mindless tasks

Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through sites, videos, and quizzes on your phone to kill or relax? If so, you can start paying for it.

There are many companies that pay users to take surveys, watch videos, play games, etc.

For example, Branded Surveys a market research company that pays reward points in exchange for opinions. You start by answering a few simple questions about yourself, and then your profile is matched to various surveys, provided by market research clients for Fortune 500 companies. When you reach 500 points, you can redeem them for gift cards or cash via PayPal or Branded Pay. Most surveys pay the equivalent of $1–$3 each, although there are opportunities to earn more.

Survey Junkie is another well-known platform for paid surveys. It works the same way, matching your profile with surveys you complete for reward points, which can then be redeemed for eGift cards or cash via Paypal. Income opportunities are also similar to Branded Surveys.

Similar sites to consider include Swagbucks, KashKick, and MyPoints.

5. Sell your mobile data

If you want a quick side hustle that allows you to earn passive incomeyou might consider getting paid to help develop the internet.

MobileXpression a company that pays users to install special software on their phones and allows the company to track their activity. The company says your private conversations, photos, and voicemails will never be monitored or recorded; its research software will only know the names of the apps you may have installed to send text messages or make phone calls.

Payment is made in the form of credits, which are paid weekly, and can be redeemed for eGift cards at retailers such as Amazon. You can earn two credits per week. Every 10 credits can be redeemed for a $5 gift card, while 15 credits can be redeemed for a $10 gift card.

Nielsen is another company that pays users to install their software and agrees to monitor the activity. After answering a few questions about your home and the appliances you use, you can install the Nielsen app and unlock up to $60 in reward points each year, redeemable via PayPal or gift cards from retailers like Amazon and Walmart. You’re also automatically entered into their $10,000 monthly sweepstakes.

The takeaway

You don’t need a ton of special equipment to start a side business and earn more money to put in your RECORDING, investments, or daily expenditure. All you need is your phone and some free time (design skills are a plus). Just make sure that whichever part of the rush you follow, you do your due diligence and make sure that any downloads or services are legitimate, because there are plenty of scams out there, too.

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