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  • Alissa Carlson is a meteorologist based in Los Angeles
  • She recently embarked on an intense weight loss journey as a health coach
  • The anchor died during a live broadcast

In a terrifying moment caught on camera, Alissa Carlson passed out while he was about to deliver his morning weather report during a live broadcast for KCAL on CBS LA. The incident quickly went viral on March 18, as followers waited to learn Alissa’s condition. Hours before Vice President and News Director of CBS Los Angeles Mike Dello Stritto shared an update, revealing that Alissa was being treated at a local hospital. Learn more about Alissa and the incident, below.

What happened in the air?

The live feed is opened by KCAL news anchors Nickelle Medina and Rachel Kim lamenting the rainy weather in LA and hoping for some sunny skies. When they were about to finish the lead-in and hand over the part to Alissa, the incident happened. Alissa was on camera as her eyes rolled back, she slumped over the table and then fell to the floor. Nichelle and Rachel looked shocked and confused as the feed cut to a March Madness promo.

Alissa’s health updates

A few hours after the incident, Alissa took him Facebook to give the first update on his condition, and it is a positive one. In extra large font, she wrote, “Thanks for all the texts, calls and well wishes. I’ll be fine!”

Shortly after the Facebook message, Stritto issued a statement TMZ. “Our colleague Alissa Carlson fell ill on our 7 AM newscast this morning. I want to thank her co-workers who took immediate action to comfort Alissa and call 911. Alissa is being treated at the hospital today. Hope to hear from you We will have more soon,” he said. “In the meantime, Alissa is in our thoughts and we are praying for her to feel better soon.”

Alissa suffered a similar situation 9 years ago

Unfortunately, Alissa had a health scare during another live broadcast when she was working at another news station in 2014, per TMZ. The meteorologist suffered a severe case of nausea and vomited air. As a result, he was diagnosed with a leaky heart valve.

In a interview four years ago, Alissa said she was surprised to be diagnosed with the condition at such a young age. “I said, ‘Are you kidding me? No, I’m too young for that and I’m too healthy,’” Alissa recalls her reaction. “They told me that eventually the valve would probably need to be replaced. They don’t know when it will go bad.”

It’s unclear if Saturday’s incident was related to the heart condition.

He is also a health coach

Alissa is also a health coach, according to her Instagram. “What do I do as a health coach? I change lives!” he wrote in the New Year’s post with a montage of his clients. “Here are some of my clients who decided to get healthy and lose weight in 2022! Are you next?!” he added.

She also went on an intensive weight loss journey herself and revealed the results via Instagram (above). “Someone asked me for my transformation photos the other day and I really don’t want to show them,” she wrote with amazing before and after photos. “It’s not that I had a ton of weight to lose before I started this fitness program. It’s more of the memories of feeling trapped in a body where I’m uncomfortable. From feeling stupid to the craziness, to the lack of energy, to feeling self-conscious about my clothes, I knew something had to change.”

Alissa is a proud cheerleading mom

From the looks of it on social media, Alissa revealed her happy life with a husband and daughter! “Meet my handsome hubby and Shoe Guy Neil Schwartz!” he wrote next to a “picture from his single days” on Instagram. Another sweet postAlissa talked about their daughter and her amazing cheerleading skills, saying “Hard work pays off.”

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