60 Random Facts to Celebrate His 60th Birthday

The life, career, and legacy of Tom Cruise epic, dramatic, sometimes complicated, but impossible to ignore. One of our last remaining old school movie stars, who has proven to be competent over the years, Cruise has used his Hollywood power to create unforgettable film moments and innovations in behind the scenes, constantly pushing himself to new ones with each passing. day.

To appreciate his complexity and talent on this occasion, his 60th birthday, we have compiled 60 facts that simply identify why Tom Cruise remains one of the most famous people on the planet. He tore the signature grin and ran his evil heart for more than 40 years on screen, and he showed little sign of stopping at any hour.

1. Tom Cruise’s real name to Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.

2. Tom Cruise’s cousin William Mapother is also an actor, best known for playing the role of Ethan in Lost.

3. Here is the incomplete list of directors who have worked with Tom Cruise over the years: Barry Levinson, Ben Stiller, Brad Bird, Brian De Palma, Cameron Crowe, Christopher McQuarrie, Curtis Hanson, Doug Liman, Edward Zwick, Francis Ford Coppola, Franco Zeffirelli, Stanley Kubrick, Paul Thomas Anderson, Ridley Scott, Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, Sydney Pollack, Rob Reiner, John Woo, Michael Mann, and Steven Spielberg.

4. At the beginning of his career, the actor starred in six films in just two years: Infinite Love (1981), Faucets (1981), The outsiders (1983), It’s gone (1983), Risky Business (1983), and All Right Action (1983).

5. Tom Cruise turned 19 in his first film, playing Billy Infinite Love.

6. Top Gun: Maverick is Tom Cruise’s highest grossing film, which exceeded $ 1 billion at the box office. The film is Paramount’s second highest -gross domestic film, following Titanic.

7. Attended the Neighborhood Playhouse and the Actors Studio at New School University, New York, where he studied drama.

8. Tom Cruise has been nominated three times for an Oscar, twice as lead actor in his roles in Born on the Fourth of July and Jerry Maguireand then as a supporting actor in Magnolia.

9. Although he has been nominated three times, Cruise has yet to win an Oscar.

10. Tom Cruise has not been nominated for an Oscar since 2000.

11. Cruise has won three Golden Globe awards for Born on the Fourth of July, Jerry Maguireand Magnolia.

12. In May 2021, Tom Cruise returned with his three Golden Globe Awards to protest the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s lack of racial diversity and alleged misconduct.

13. At the age of seven, Cruise was diagnosed with dyslexia.

14. Tom Cruise was introduced to Scientology in the 1980s by his first wife, Mimi Rogers.

15. Admitted by Tom Cruise his dyslexia was cured by Scientology.

16. A popular Tom Cruise promotional video about Scientology, leaked online in January 2008parody the spoof film Superhero Movieswith actor Miles Fisher playing the role of Tom Cruise.

17. She has been nominated by the Alliance of Women Film Journalists four times for a not-so-well-received award: Most Terrible Age Difference Between Leading Person and Love Interest. He won in 2019 for Mission: Impossible – Falloutwith co-star Rebecca Ferguson.

18. Tom Cruise has exactly one television credit – for management. He starred in the episode “The Frightening Frammis” for the 1993 Showtime anthology series Fallen Angels.

19. He has never acted in an actual TV show, other than talk show and award show appearances.

20. On October 16, 1986, Cruise earned his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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