7 Reasons Why Claire Foy Is Queen Elizabeth’s Best (and 7 Why It’s Olivia Colman)

One of the most interesting creative options is for those responsible for making the Netflix series The Crown is the recasting of the main characters. Even if it can be a real failure with less able hands, it actually works well, especially since Claire Foy and Olivia Colman are amazing artists, able to bring out the complexity and complication of this most interesting monarch.

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Moreover, both are convincing to claim that they are the best man to portray Queen Elizabeth, a woman who reigned for more than half a century. But what made each of their performances so memorable?


Updated January 11, 2022 by Hilary Elizabeth: Elizabeth II was undoubtedly one of the most complex and interesting real -life historical figures of her time. Describing the facts of her experiences is no easy task, and they Claire Foy and Olivia Colman are both unique in different ways because their performances are so dimensional and unique.

Claire Foy The Best Queen Elizabeth Due

He took the wrath of a young monarch

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II, staring at the camera

The first two episodes of the series focus primarily on Elizabeth’s efforts to negotiate the monarchy’s full territory in a time of remarkable transition. It was, after all, an England still struggling with the effects of World War II.

What made Foy such a good choice for the role was that she was able to cover most of the anxiety and worry Elizabeth felt as she struggled for her position and a rapidly changing country.

She embodies Elizabeth’s duality of learning how to be a queen and presenting a capable image to the world.

Queen Elizabeth II talks to her uncle at The Crown

What is interesting about Queen Elizabeth is not only that she ascended the throne at a time of great turmoil for the UK, but that the experience herself also elevated her life.

The abduction of King Edward VIII clearly changed the course of Windsor’s history, and Elizabeth was raised to be a woman more than a ruler. She was very young when she became queen, and for the most part she didn’t know what she was doing, but she had to show herself strong and self-confident.

She gets the complexity of being a young woman who rules

Elizabeth puts a crown on Philip in The Crown

Elizabeth was actually thrown into the deep end of the pool without a life preserver when she became queen at a very young age. But the more complicated things are that, simply put, she is forced to be a ruling presence in an arena that women, especially women her age, are not expected to occupy.

Presenting himself as a force to be reckoned with by older men who are not accustomed to listening to younger women is difficult, and Foy nailed the uncomfortable.

He Has Steely Delivery And Determination

In the early years of her reign, Elizabeth had to face all sorts of trials, both personally and publicly, which The Crown describes with different precise. Among other things, she had to deal with the breakup of the British Empire and the many challenges to her authority, especially from her angry husband Philip.

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A small actress may have been overwhelmed by the demands of this role, but Claire Foy has risen to the challenge, repeatedly providing viewers with Elizabeth with an iron spine and an iron soul.

He Has Strange Chemistry With Matt Smith

Although Philip may be a fool in the first two seasons, there is no doubt that Matt Smith is truly unique in the role, allowing the wife to be more of a cartoon.

There’s also undeniable chemistry between Smith and Foy, and viewers can believe that these are two people who truly love each other, even if they have to overcome some really big obstacles in their relationships and the proper functioning of their marriage. .

He got the complications of a monarch during the postwar period


There is no question that Britain went through much of the years after World War II. In fact, that conflict has shaken almost everything the world believes. As the series shows, Elizabeth is more than capable of handling it, although she can undoubtedly beat someone who is less capable.

In the same competent hands of Claire Foy, the viewer can see how determined Elizabeth is to do her duty, no matter how great the personal expense it may be.

He Provides Strength And Weakness

It takes a special kind of actress to capture the strengths and weaknesses. It’s a hard trick to get, and harder to do well. Luckily for the audience, then, Claire Foy was chosen to portray the young Elizabeth.

Repeatedly opening the first and second seasons, the series portrays Elizabeth as a woman who struggles through the difficulties of her marriage but is still strong enough to manage the various public crises that have affected her country.

Olivia Colman The Best Queen Elizabeth Due

He Has the Ability to Take Elizabeth’s Grief

As the years go by, Elizabeth has to deal with the fact that not only is she getting older, but her country is getting older with her. At one point, though he said that under his stewardship, the country he loved and devoted his life to began to slowly and steadily decline.

A core aspect of Colman’s performance is that he allows the audience to see beneath Elizabeth’s strong presence the sadness that always hides underneath, a reminder of how much she has given for her country (and it helps with that. Colman is very similar to middle-aged Elizabeth).

She Has the Ability to Express Elizabeth’s Relationships to Her Children

Even though Elizabeth’s children were mostly not on screen for most of the first two seasons (with a few exceptions), they became a more central part of the drama in the third and fourth episodes. As a result, viewers saw more of their interactions with their mother.

Olivia Colman invites the audience to understand her troubled relationship with her children, because while she clearly loves them, she inevitably also feels distant from them (and they are away from her).

He Took The Struggle Of Raising Children To Become A Monarch

the crown - image of the young prince Charles

The Crown not ashamed to examine Queen Elizabeth’s less motherly character, but what makes her position even more complicated is that she is not the only one tasked with raising her children. He was responsible for establishing Charles and his other sons to become the public face of the English royal family.

The series makes it clear that she doesn’t have to handle it well, and Colman does a good job of illustrating the conflict between her feelings as a mother and a monarch.

He Has Great Chemistry With Tobias Menzies

If there’s one person in the cast who can pair Elizabeth’s Olivia Colman, that’s it Tobias Menzies as Philip, who gives one of his best performances. When they watch the two on screen, viewers can believe that they are the two people who spend a large part of their lives together.

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It more than seems to live the characters, though. There is a warmth in their relationship that, when it shows, makes fans almost believe that they are actually watching the royal couple together in their most intimate and tender moments.

He Has the Ability to Catch Elizabeth’s Inflexibility

Olivia Colman in The Crown

It’s no surprise that as she gets older, Elizabeth finds it harder to change and adapt to the times (especially since she’s never known for her flexibility in most aspects of her life).

It would have been easy for Colman to make Elizabeth dislike or unsympathetic, but instead, he allowed the viewer to gain even a little bit of understanding about Elizabeth, even if he was also forced to recognize some of the Elizabeth’s worst mistakes.

She shows the complications of being queen in an ever-changing country

The Crown Thatcher Elizabeth

Elizabeth ascended the throne when the situation of the monarchy in England was changing, and it seems that instability never stopped.

Despite the difficult times Foy described, Colman was filled with a heavy responsibility to convey the experience of being a reigning queen when the meaning of that position was constantly changing and questioned. Colman describes both sides of this conflict at the same time, which is surprising.

He Expresses Elizabeth’s Strength

Olivia Colman Queen Elizabeth II on The Crown Season 3 Netflix

One thing can be said about Queen Elizabeth, and that is that she is an institution. No matter what happens in the series, he knows he’s the embodiment of the Crown, something the rest of his men look up to.

A less able actress no doubt makes her something of a cartoon, a relic from a bygone era. While Colman allows the viewer to see Elizabeth’s immutability, he also emphasizes the fact that the Queen is useless if she doesn’t endure.

Both As Good As Queen Elizabeth Due

There Is Continuity Between Their Versions In Elizabeth

Claire Foy and Olivia Colman of The Crown

Foy and Colman were very good at their Queen Elizabeth performances, but the success of The Crown generally relies on an absolutely essential ingredient. That these two different people are believable can play the same person.

And, not only do the two artists look the same to be convincing to look like the same person, but the details they add to Elizabeth’s portrayal really make it keep going despite the many hours of jumping.

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