8-Year-Old Son of NFL Star Greg Olsen Undergoing Heart Transplant

Retired NFL tight end Greg Olsen8-year-old son Si TJ repaired at a North Carolina hospital after heart treatment.

On Friday, June 4, the athlete and Fox Sports sportscaster was announced Instagram found a match in the donor. Olsen shared a photo of himself and wife Kara standing on either side of their son, one of their three children and a twin, and holding his hands as he sat tearing a bed in a hallway at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Today is a day of mixed emotions. A day we have prayed for has come,” he wrote. “We were warned last night that there would be a donor match for TJ to receive his heart transplant. Walking with our little son, with tears of hope and fear in our eyes, was one of the hardest. -and moments in our lives.We ask for all the prayers For TJ and his amazing group of doctors and nurses.TJ has come a long way in the past but is now a big step forward. From the depths of our hearts, thank you for pouring in support throughout the journey. The Olsen Family. #playfortj “

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