90 Day Bride: HEA? Clip: Usman Lays Out Plan to Adopt Nephew

These adoption papers may contain a lot of red ink.

In an exclusive clip from the December 11 episode of 90 Day Bride: Happily Ever After?Usman and fiancé Kim are at the crossroads. Usman’s mother demanded that he have childrenbut it was considered too risky for the 52-year-old Kim to conceive.

In response, Usman thought to marry a second wife who can bear his children but, as he explained, may compromise his future in the States.

“I don’t feel like I need another wife,” Usman, who is from Nigeria, told his brother Mohammed in the sneak peek. “Because taking two wives, I may not move to America.”

Don’t worry, though, because the 33-year-old has another plan in his bock pocket, telling Mohammed, “I wonder if you can give us Mahadi to adopt him as our son.”

With Mahadi sitting on his lap and his partner by his side, a clearly shocked Mohammed could only reply, “Huh?”

We are right with you, Mohammed.

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