A Bad Week for Progress, a Good Week for Enlightenment

Well, I didn’t mean to get away with most of this week. Telling the truth, I was very disappointed with how the bathroom worked, and I couldn’t bring myself to come here and talk about tile again. Very sore tile. I’m tired of talking about it, taking pictures of it, blogging about it, installing it… everything. I went very close to calling a professional to finish it for me, but I was really determined at this point to finish the tile myself. I don’t know why, but the more angry I am, the more determined I am.

But what happened this week was that I had a vision in my mind of how I wanted to use the glass tile in the shower, and it never worked out as it looked in my mind. So I spent yesterday retrieving everything I had done on Monday and Tuesday.

The last time I showed you the shower tile improvement, it was like…

My idea was to make a horizontal edge of glass tile around the entire shower. But as I explained last time, there is no way I can accurately line a stripe of glass tiles inside the shower to perfectly fit the wainscoting glass tile on the bathroom walls. So I decided to make it loud and intentionally offset.

So I added a few more rows of white tiles, and then added a row of glass tiles lined with brushed brass Schluter strips…

At first, I wasn’t sure about it, but I thought it was just because it wasn’t grouted. The appearance of the tile can change drastically if it is grouted.

So after drying the mortar for 24+ hours, I grouted it to see if it could make a big difference. This is what it looks like after I have grouted it, so the glass tiles are still bright.

So here’s the deal. I really like how it looks up close. As in, when I’m standing in the shower, I like that stripe, I like the brushed brass accent, and I like the shiny glass. Nearby.

But when I stood back in the room and looked at it, I didn’t love it. Looks like it just wasn’t added. If I find it hard to do that in the rest of the shower, I have to add a unique accent, but it doesn’t.

shower wall tile improvement - 2

So I spent all yesterday removing all the tiles up to the bottom row of the accent stripe. And it was NOT an easy job. Let’s say the mortar I use is very good mortar. 😀 And once I have removed the tiles, I have to use my grinder to remove all the mortar on the wall. And in the process, it also removes the waterproofing membrane that is on the wall. So now I have to recoat that part of the wall using waterproofing membrane before retiling. Thank goodness I only made one wall before I knew it I never wanted that design on the walls !!

So after yesterday, like this…

shower wall tile improvement - 1

Basically, my progress throughout the week was that I finished three rows of tiles and added seven new rows of tiles. on a wall in the shower. I also grouted those tiles because I was tired of looking at the black lines of the grout. Oh, and I got the “baseboard” tiles installed on two more tall walls. I just have one more wall (the short wall on the other side of the mural wall) to finish the “baseboard” tiles. That’s my whole week of progress. At this rate, I can have this shower after March 2022, and the bathroom will be finished by August 2022.

Hopefully not, though. Now that I’m just wearing solid white in the shower (yes, I know some of you are saying, “I told you so!” Right now 😀), I think I can do some faster . I hope so. I know we’re all tired of hearing about the shower tile (and I’m already so tired of working on it), and ready to move on to something else !!

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