A Beautiful But Thin Puzzler to Make

Buildings Have a Feeling Too! has a beautiful charm and lots of character, but that doesn’t hide the issues with its limited and frustrating gameplay.

Video games have historically done a lot of work to make players care about inanimate objects. Even if it is the one that has always been loved fellow cube of Portal games, or the simple forms of expensive indie platforms Thomas Alone, Game developers tend to make players worry their mind about things more than they want to accept at the moment. Following this trend is Buildings Have a Feeling Too! from developer Blackstaff Games, which will try to do the same with architectural structures.

As the name suggests, Buildings Have a Feeling Too! adds a fair amount of emotional weight to the buildings in a town. The game has the form of a side-scrolling management sim, with the player tasked with walking around and attending to the requirements of the streets around the city. This is primarily done by building new homes and businesses, or renovating different businesses to be available in different areas.

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Sim gameplay management is heavily dependent on puzzles, as opposed to macro level planning. games like Sim City. In order to accomplish the tasks required of them, the player must assess the maintenance requirements of the buildings around them, as well as potential pitfalls that could negatively affect neighboring units such as pollution. The ultimate goal is to amplify the statistics of a building to cause a ripple effect on street and traffic.

Buildings Menus

Vision, Buildings Have a Feeling Too! successful, with an impressive plot for what could be a dry subject. The buildings have a cut-out style reminiscent of the classic TV cult I Am Not An Animal, a more effective method. Meanwhile, the comedy-filled dialogue of each of the buildings is more attractive, changing depending on the type of business the building offers.

Unfortunately, aesthetic is the most successful part of the game. Even if the main pride of a puzzle game is to dress up a management sim is smart, Buildings Have a Feeling Too! Not much to explain its gameplay. It’s very easy for players to get confused, especially given an immediate emphasis on saving through different menus to make the best move to do next.

Buildings Have a Feeling Too! also cannot be controlled better. On the PC the game feels strangely clunky, especially when using a mouse and keyboard, with some serious challenges trying to place the buildings correctly. The improvements are said to improve, but they are far from ideal at this hour of time, and hard to recommend for users who want to control with a mouse.

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Buildings Have a Feeling Road Too

The game can also not be brutal with player mistakes. If the player chooses the wrong option, for example to place a building or selects the wrong industry for a newly built unit, it is not exactly easy to reverse the changes if the mistake is discovered. . This means that the relaxed tone of the music and characters in the game don’t exactly match the gameplay, and that Buildings Have a Feeling Too! felt more difficult than it had to do.

That said, Buildings Have a Feeling Too! there is a place for those who are able to capture its ecccricricities. Players who are helpful, spend their time, and are careful in their movements will find a decent little pretender here, given that they don’t mind the occasional annoying moment. For others, however, the more complex problems of the game can be a lot of baggage to make it a pleasant experience, at least until some of the fixes are done.

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Buildings Have a Feeling Too! coming out now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Screen Rant is provided with a PC download code for the purposes of this review.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5 (Very Good)

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