A Compelling, Excellent Movie About Reconnecting

Directed by Brian Tyree Henry, The Outside Story has a basic mindset elevated with charisma and interesting character development.

The day-to-day intrusion into the flow of life may not be as compelling or compelling as a thrill, but there is a charm to be captured in the nuances of living and in the intriguing and thoughtful respect for others. This is what makes The Outside Story, from writer-director Casimir Nozkowski, so captivating. It’s simple, yet appealing. The film brings a humble charm and true life story, one that is shifted by the main character’s skepticism to interact with the outside world. With Brian Tyree Henry leading the way, The Outside Story has a basic mind elevated by charisma and interesting character development.

Back in Brooklyn, Charles Young (Brian Tyree Henry) is a video editor and a recluse, who chooses to stay for most of the time rather than hang out with his neighbors. Charles also recently broke up with longtime lover Isha (Sonequa Martin-Green), whom everyone in the neighborhood seems to know and love. Shortly after the breakup, Charles was relieved to find himself locking himself outside his apartment after taking the wrong keys to follow his food carrier for a tip. Sans shoes (but with socks), he was forced to write to people in his neighborhood that he hadn’t cared about for years – most of whom he hadn’t met, but who knew of his existence through Isha. Charles was disappointed because not at all how he imagined the events of his day. She’s on a tight work deadline, but there’s a lot to find out after getting out of her apartment and getting to know the people she lives so close to.

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Sunita Mani and Brian Tyree Henry in The Outside Story
Sunita Mani and Brian Tyree Henry in The Outside Story

The Outside Story relatable and heartwarming. There is a lot involved in the film which may mean watching it for the audience itself. Too many are constantly trapped in a mill life that leads to a connection to the outside world. Staying calm, organized, and drifting through the daily stresses of a deadline to meet can replace much of the mental and emotional space, which is left around the world unknowingly. Charles came out because it bothered him to bring food, but his adventures resulted in a beautiful and beautiful reward that made him feel more actively participating in the world than ever before. It helped that each of her neighbors (including the traffic officer, played by Sunita Mani) had an unforgettable personality.

Brian Tyree Henry is even more amazing, his presence soothing and charismatic; he filmed the film, revealing the heat and a much quicker distraction that would help create The Outside Story more memorable. In addition, the film allowed Henry, who has played a supporting character in numerous films and TV shows (including Atlanta), transfer his muscle to the leading man. It is especially famous nationally in the way he portrays Charles. At first, Henry expresses Charles’s skepticism by making him noticeably closed. This is evident in the body language of the actor – hands in the pockets of his sweater, standing with his shoulders pressed forward.

the repetition of the story on the outside
Sonequa Martin-Green in Outside Story

However, Charles was more comfortable with people and accepted his situation, leaving Henry’s hands on his clothes as he opened to be more welcoming and relaxed, which would also go more strict. It’s a subtle, but noticeable shift and thanks to the actor’s understanding of his character’s journey that is even more touching. The film is also a showcase for Brooklyn, where the neighborhood is the centerpiece of the story. It’s a character in itself and the film captures the rich spirit that is in Charles ’neighborhood. Its people come from many different backgrounds and races, each with their own stories and experiences to share and their presence also works wonders to convey the personality of the film itself.

The Outside Story a calming, happy film to find the good in life and rely on it. It’s exciting, it feels good, and it’s worth watching Henry’s turn as Charles and the intriguing, thoughtful journey make his life with little change in his day-to-day activity. The star cast and the interaction of their characters with each other continue to float in the film. While the movement will shine a little in some areas, The Outside Story an unexpectedly hot film that asks the audience to interact with their own environment in the hope that they, like Charles, might find something worthwhile.

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The Outside Story available on demand and digitally. The film is 85 minutes long and has not been rated as of this writing.

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Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5 (Very good)

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