A Guide to Who the Hell Has to Do with Who to Marry in Easttown

“Do you have anyone not related to? “

Sure, that’s what his new-town colleague Mare asked (Kate Winslet) in stage three of Mare in Easttown, but viewers could have easily asked questions from the very beginning of the series to capture.

Did by Brad Ingelsby, HBO’s latest buzzy drama is set in a small Pennsylvania town where all the residents get to know each other and become just family. forget Kevin Bacon, all like a six degree separation from Mare, a riotous detective with more baggage than a Real Wife going on a week -long vacation.

Both whodunnit features and family drama, the show has multiple characters with tons of relationships with each other because Easttown is a kind of place that people temporarily leave and are always in everyone’s business. Of course, that’s what made the investigation into the murder of teenage mother Erin McMenanin (Cailee Spaeny) is more captivating, complex and, at times, confusing.

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