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I promise you all that I am really improving at our home gym. I spent a lot of time painting there, and I still have a lot more time before it’s all done. But it looks so good! If you remember, just a few days ago, the trim looked like it had chicken pox, with tree-filled spots all over it. And now, it looks so clean and bright with its fresh coat of paint.

It’s not all painted yet, but it’s getting there! This an average-sized room seems to have endless trim – ceiling trim, baseboards, two doors, a large closet, three windows. It was a very long process installing all the trim, filling the wood, sanding, caulking, and now painting it.

But I love how the bright white looks against all the colors on the walls.

For about 30 minutes, I considered painting all the trim in this room black. I thought it would be more of a “home gym” vibe. But in the end, I had to stick with my favorite Behr Polar Bear white trim. I still have a little trim to paint, and then I can start on the wall paintings. Once that’s done, I can move on to the fun stuff – the foam flooring and curtains. And I’m really anxious to finish that corner of the bedroom in the photo above so I can move my rebounder into the bedroom (that’s the corner where it will live) and start using it regularly, even though I’m still working on the rest of the room.

yesterday, came the light from Targetand although I haven’t seen another one from Amazon, I’m almost 95% sure this is the one I’ll use.

I haven’t installed it yet. I need to get all the painting done first, and then I’ll tackle the lighting. Currently, there isn’t even a junction box in the ceiling, so I need to add one before I can install the light.

But I really like this light! I didn’t read the description on the website (other than the dimensions), so I didn’t notice that the lamp shade was metal. I was very surprised when I opened the box and felt the shadow. It’s metal! And why is that a good thing? Since the fixture is black, it will reflect dust more than a lighter colored fixture. And a metal shade is much easier to clean than a black fabric shade!

I also like that the diffuser is plastic, and it has a shiny side and a matte side. I prefer the matte side showing.

I’m always nervous when I have to remove glass shades and diffusers to clean fixtures or change light bulbs because I’m afraid they’ll fall and break them. So this one with a plastic diffuser seems perfect for a home gym (or anywhere else) to me.

Also, the boxes of drawers I ordered for the closet space should be here today – a week early! Awesome, Walmart So I had to put the floor in the closet so I could get the foam floor in place in the whole room. I’m so excited to get this room done!

It’s a challenge, though. This week, we have cold weather, with ice, sleet, freezing rain, and more. Schools are closed. Some businesses are closed. We Texans don’t like icy weather. 😀

I’m really happy about this because it also means that all my usual weekly plans are canceled this week, which means more time to work in the home gym! I have such lofty goals to pursue these projects and finish them.

And then our heater went on the fritz. At random times, it literally starts blowing cold air like an air conditioner. When it starts doing that, it gets really cold in the house, and I have to stop working so I can crawl into bed under the covers and warm up. It was a little distracting, but I still managed to get things done. The pace was slower than I expected.

We’ve had the HVAC guy out once, and he told us it’s because we have a heat pump, and if the temperature drops like it’s freezing now, we’ll have to switch to our emergency heat system (which is apparently standard on heat pumps). But we’ve had this HVAC system for eight years, and in those eight years, we’ve had much colder and worse weather than we’re experiencing now. Not once did I have to switch to the emergency heat system.

But this is what he told me. He showed me how to do it, charged me $75 for the visit, and walked away. And then after an hour and a half on the emergency heating system, the cold air started blowing again, and the temperature in the house dropped from 67 to 61 in about 30 minutes because it blowing cold air throughout the house while it’s in the 20s (with wind chills in the teens) outside.

So now they have to go back, and they are scheduled to be here in the next three hours. It was a very frustrating situation, especially when I knew something wasn’t right, but he insisted everything was fine…and charged me $75 to tell me that.

However, all that to say that although I had hoped that these “ice days” would be very productive, they have not turned out as I had planned. But I’m still making progress, and I hope that by the end of the day today, I’ll be able to paint all the gym trim at home and a working heating system in our house. That’s the dream, at least! 😀

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