A Man Called Gerald Raising Funds for Legal Struggle Over Royalties Conflict

A Man Called Gerald, the home producer of British acid, launched a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the legal battle over unpaid royalties, DJ Mag reports. Gerald admits he never paid royalties for his 1988 hit single “Voodoo Ray” or his 1989 album Hot Lemonade by Rham Records.

“While‘ Voodoo Ray ’ran at Number 12 on the charts, I had to live in a squat, work at McDonalds and give interviews out of phone boxes,” Simpson wrote on the Crowdfunder page. guys who run the brand, sell my music, never pay me a single cent for my share of the label’s success. ”He continues:“ Can you imagine the disappointment? The Summer of Love Acid House is already going on and all I can think about is survival, as these guys spend the next four years enjoying my music.They put the mark in 1992 and everything was quiet until 2019 when the violence started again . ”

Rham Records denies Gerald’s claims of a post on social media on May 21. “We learned of a recent social media post by Gerald Simpson about paying royalties,” the mark wrote. “We dismissed the allegations made in his statement, and his memorable events. We always tried to talk to Gerald and his business manager, in order to pay the debt payments for him but he didn’t recognize us until now. If Gerald wants to contact us we would be happy to send any money now to be given to him. “

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