A Mother Seeks Answer to Murder Under the Lights on Friday Night

A lost high school football The player has become a mystery across the state.

An exclusive sneak peek at the IDs Killing Under the Lights on Friday Night, will be released on January 11, takes an indication of the case of Tom Brown, a beloved teenager who disappeared from a small Texas town without a trace — and left his backpack.

As the episode describes, Tom’s disappearance led to conspiracy theories after “confusing signs and community pressure that put the local sheriff against a brutal private investigator until there were some unusual suspects have emerged. ”

Tom’s mother Penny Meek sought answers after an electric company worker discovered a discarded backpack belonging to Tom, with his laptop “perfectly sitting in an upright position.”

“The backpack has been there for a long time,” Penny explained. “It’s wet. Inside the backpack are some of his school papers and notebooks and his laptop. The laptop was sent to the forensics lab. All that’s left is his school work there. The laptop hasn’t been used since Tom disappeared. “

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