A Wonderful Time: Queen Charlotte’s Cast in New Bridgerton Prequel | Interviews

The original series took it as understood with complete diversity, and everyone was fine with that. And I love the way this series opens up the conversation. And that scene of you with the Queen is one of my favorites. Tell me what can be done to make that issue clear for this series.

ARSEMA THOMAS: I think it’s based on the current reality that we have. There is something that can be pessimistic, but, not worthy about having a utopian society like Bridgerton, which is different without an explanation of how to get there. And I think there’s something really likable about this show because it shows that it’s something you can’t give up. You have to fight for it. And a lot of times, it’s the women who fight for it, and they never get the recognition.

There is something in our series that is very similar to many moments in history, and there is something beautiful about telling a story that is at the tipping point of change. This is a point where it either goes back to the way it is, and we continue to repeat the repetition, or we go over the hump and change it. And to see what the other side of that hump looks like, I think, is what this show is about. I think it made an impact. It colors “Bridgerton” differently. This show essentially gives you three episodes of “Bridgerton.”

Charlotte, Agatha, and George all struggle with lives that seem to have great power but are, in fact, very limited.

ARSEMA THOMAS: All three of our characters start out the same way, being very, very imprisoned in whatever lifestyle they didn’t choose. And then the options start to appear that aren’t there yet. The possibility starts to become a real thing.

Before that, the fact that Agatha was complacent wasn’t because she hated herself or didn’t care; it’s because he doesn’t think there’s any other option ever. From the age of three, to be prepared for a husband, this is essentially brainwashing. And then, once she gets the title of Lady, you start to see the gears. Rust brushed, they began to turn.

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