Abortion Activists Hold Inhumane and Indefensible Pro-Life Positions

Last Wednesday the passing of Born-Alive Abortion Survivors The House Protection Act drew a predictable but inexplicable chorus of criticism from pro-abortion Democrats.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called the bill part of an “extremely anti-choice agenda.” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., echoed Pelosi’s sentiments, suggesting the vote to protect babies born alive after botched abortions represented “extremist views on women’s health.” “

Ironically, it is those outside the abortion industry who represent the most extreme positions on any of the hot-button issues in America today. In fact, the NRA supports more bans on guns than non-abortionists do. Abortionists are adamant in their defense of the so-called right to end the lives of unborn children. They supported the killing of the child and did not even apologize for doing it.

the 210 Democrats voted against medical care for newborn babies holds an inhumane, unthinkable and indefensible position. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, D-Ore., who voted against the bill, called the legislation “extremist, dangerous and unnecessary.”

Try telling that to a newborn struggling to breathe on a table after a near-abortion.

I have to ask: What is more than wanting to ask doctors to treat a child?

Bonamici suggested that if a woman or her doctor wanted to kill her child, it did not matter whether the child was inside or outside her womb. And never mind the Hippocratic oath, which doctors accept and swear to uphold, including the promise to “do no harm or injustice” to patients.

from the reversal of Roe last June, a state-by-state battle for life spread across the country. Almost half of the states have or have some protective measures for unborn children, if not outright bans on abortion. But HR 26 puts into law a basic and fundamental federal civil right of action for parents, ensuring that doctors don’t just turn away innocent and helpless newborn babies.

Debates over abortion have raged for more than half a century in America. Politics is intrinsically contentious and bitter partisan battles have become the norm. But what kind of country has it become when almost a majority of elected representatives support the cold-blooded killing of innocent children – even those already born? The same people who voted to protect seals and the eggs of bald eagles have no problem with a doctor allowing fully formed and breathing babies to die on a cold table.

The war to protect innocent life has been going on for so long that the talking points of the left are predictable and often wrong. Abortion rights advocates often use gentle words to describe the dark practices involved in killing unborn children. As we did this past week, we hear leftists talk about “reproductive health” or their support of a “pro-choice” agenda. But in the end, they support the wanton killing of innocent babies in the womb, precious babies who will never see the sunrise or the blue sky of Earth.

We in the pro-life community are committed to championing the sanctity of life and working tirelessly to serve mothers who are often in seemingly impossible situations. We know from our research that many women go ahead with abortions because they feel alone and helpless. In fact, there is an army of people eager to help them during and after their pregnancy.

I applaud the passage of HR 26 on Wednesday, and believe this victory makes it clear that lawmakers who continue to advocate for the protection and expansion of abortion are finding it difficult to hide from their unsustainable and indefensible positions.

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