Adam Rippon Has A Golden Rule for Anyone Watching the Olympics

It’s time for the world’s greatest athletes to shine.

With less than two weeks left until 2022 Winter Olympics to begin with, the excitement is growing to find out who can break records, make history and win big in Beijing.

While many Americans prefer Chloe Kim, Shaun White and Nathan Chen favored to carry gold, Olympian Adam Rippon spectators around the world want to remember something as they entertain their favorite athletes.

“What I hope the audience will remember is that all these athletes are people and when we talk about them and we celebrate them, that they see how people tell about them,” the figure skater shared exclusively at E ! News. “Just remember that these are people who work their whole lives for these moments whether it goes the way they want or not. They work so hard and they put their blood, sweat and tears and time into it. opportunities. “

Adam added, “This is the biggest moment of their sporting career and just remember we’re just like them. They’re human.”

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