AI bot ChatGPT tries to write a Nick Cave song. Nick Cave says it’s ‘intimate’

Now we know what ChatGPT can do – from writing convincing college essays to challenging the world’s most famous search engines. But according to Nick Cave, it’s missing something very important.

The world famous musician recently revealed his Red Hand Files Newsletter that a fan sent him a set of lyrics written in his style by an AI tool.

His answer was terrifying: “The apocalypse is coming.”

Cave’s lyrics often touch on very human emotions that include feelings of love, grief, suffering, and religion — you name it — none of which are felt in ChatGPT. However, it gives a convincing result.

“I am the sinner, I am the saint / I am the darkness, I am the light / I am the hunter, I am the victim / I am the devil, I am the savior,” the bot wrote.

Despite the chatbot’s attempts, the Bad Seeds frontman is not convinced, pointing out that the most important aspect of writing songs is the people behind them.

“Grotesque mockery”

“What ChatGPT is, in this instance, is copying as a travesty,” Cave said. “It may later produce a song that, on the surface, cannot be distinguished from the original, but it is always a replication, a kind of burlesque…. Songs arise from suffering, which I mean by it is based on the complex, internal human struggle with creation and, well, as far as I know, algorithms do not feel.

“The data will not suffer. ChatGPT has no inner identity, it is nowhere, it is not endured, it does not have the courage to reach beyond its limits, and therefore it has no capacity for a shared unique experience, because it has no limits from where to excel.”

Summarizing his strong opinion, Cave wrote: “With all the love and respect in the world, this song is silly, a ridiculous mockery of what it’s like to be human.”

There was one lyric written by the bot, however, that Cave said he could relate to. “‘I’ve got hellfire in my eyes’ — says the song ‘in the style of Nick Cave’, and that’s true… I’ve got hellfire in my eyes — and this is ChatGPT.”

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