Alec Baldwin Pleads Not Guilty to Involuntary Manslaughter

In addition to their criminal charges, Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed were also named in a civil case Hutchins’ Ukraine-based parents and sister filed the suit, alleging battery, neglect, intentional infliction of emotional distress and loss of consortium in connection with the cinematographer’s death. The actor and armorer had no comment on the civil case.

Baldwin was previously named in a wrongful death lawsuit as Hutchins’ husband Matthew Hutchinsfather of their child Andros10, filed in 2022. The case was dismissed when there was no claim of wrongdoing after the parties reached a settlement.

Matthew later said in a statement that the filming of bet will continue himself as executive producer. Earlier this month, it was announced film production will resume in the springwith Baldwin in tow.

“The production will continue to use union crews and will prohibit any use of working weapons and any form of ammunition,” a statement said. “Live ammunition is – and always has been – banned from the set.”

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