Alex’s Death and Season 6 Story Changes Explained

What caused Alex to come out The Clear, how his farewell played out, and how his death changed The Clear season 6 from the books? Rocinante’s second run on Amazon Prime, The Clear Season 5 is full of shocking moments: the impending destruction of Earth, the arrival of long-awaited alien villains, Naomi’s suitless jump into space, and more. death of Alex Kamal. Played by Cas Anvar, Alex is one of the original survivors from The ClearThe evil Canterbury ice carrier, inspired by Martian guns later became known as Rocinante.


As a pilot, Alex represents a key component of James Holden’s crew, and his calm demeanor is the constant solution to his captain’s passion, Naomi Nagata’s fire, and Amos Burton’s aggression. Over the course of four seasons, Alex has transformed from a glorified bus driver to a calm presence who often puts the needs of his friends ahead of his own troubles. Viewers are looking forward to Alex’s further progress on The Clear season 6, but real-world events are understood to come first, possibly forcing a change of direction.

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In June 2020, several women were attacked with accusations of misconduct and harassment on the part of Cas Anvar. When The Clear season 5 aired later that year, the final episode killed Alex suddenly. What does that mean The Clear season 6, and is the TV series compatible with the books?

Why Alex Died At The End Of Expanse Season 5

Alex The Expanse season 5

Intentionally or otherwise, the scene of Alex’s death The Clear somewhat vague. Bobbie Draper exits the Razorback to rescue Naomi and when they return, Alex has already kicked the bucket. The audience only saw one shot of Alex’s lifeless body as drops of blood floated past zero gravity. The actual cause of Alex’s death is left for James Holden to reveal later, as he reveals to Naomi (and the audience) that Alex died of a stroke, repeating how each of them had risk the same fate every time they fly.

In fact, the possibility of being stroked during space travel is not a new concept The Clearworld of. If a ship has to go through more severe maneuvers or hit the gas, passengers are injected with a cocktail of drugs to help their bodies cope with the pressure. This will happen during Rocinante’s first takeoff The Clear season 1, with Alex himself grumbling “I need some juice …“before the stimulant comes through his seat. Unfortunately, these medications are not foolproof. The average person can just take too much” juicing “and maintaining a hard burn beyond that point adds to their chance of a stroke. The Clear Season 5 foreshadows Alex’s death when Bobbie warns him that they are already “juiced on the gill“and can”stroke out“during the Naomi rescue sequence.

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In theme speaking, Alex dies of a desperate determination to save Naomi. While the other three Rocinante members are always at odds for one reason or another, Alex Kamal | often playing a peacemaker, always trying to unite his family, no matter what the cost or hardships they endured. He characterizes the total rescue of one of the crew.

How Alex’s Death Changed the Story of the Book of Expanse Season 6

Cas Anvar as Alex in The Expanse

Unlike the TV adaptation, Alex Kamal didn’t die on pigeon book series by James SA Corey. The Clear season 5 for the most part based on Nemesis Games, the fifth book in the series, and the pilot still continues to tap into the long aftermath of the novel. Literary Alex Kamal not only survived Marco Inaros ’Free Navy war, but survived a leap of several decades into a new one. conflict with the Laconian Empire. At the very least, Alex would have survived The Clear season 6, means that some changes to the book are underway.

Alex Kamal who died while rescuing Naomi recently for TV, but the death itself is reversed in an unused scene in Ashes of Babylon (book 6). In front of Alex, The Clear season 5 includes another major character exit: the murder of Fred Johnson at Tycho Station. Fred is shot by Sakai when Free Navy insurgents activate Marco Inaros ’secret plan to steal a sample of Protomolecule hidden in Fred’s office. In the books, however, Fred Johnson survived the Tycho incident, continuing to work with James Holden and Chrisjen Avasarala at the UN against Inaros. The OPA leader boarded Rocinante during a heavy dogfight at Free Navy’s Pella, and the severe flight caused a stroke-just like Alex’s in the TV version. Because Fred Johnson’s book’s death is no longer necessary The Clear season 6 (for obvious reasons), the scheme became available for Alex to adopt instead.

The death of Alex Kamal was one of The ClearThe largest book yet to be updated, and undoubtedly relevant The Clear season 6. Rocinante is clearly in need of a new pilot, and Fred’s former assistant, Bull, seems ready for work when he drinks Alex’s cup of coffee. on The Clear the premiere of season 6, however, was confirmed by Holden he is now a Rocinante pilot. Even if Alex continues to play an important role going forward Nemesis Games, there is nothing in season 6 where his presence is so important. Alex’s stories can be cut short The Clearlast season no major consequences. The Clear season 6 mentions Alex’s death on several occasions – mostly Rocinante characters remembering their fallen friend – but doesn’t last long on the subject.

Why Amazon Killed Alex – Was It Planned?

Alex and Bobbie

The in-story explanation of Alex’s death may be pretty obvious (thanks to Holden’s exposition), but the real-life circumstances are a bit less so. We learn that after the aforementioned Cas Anvar allegations began, Alcon Entertainment quickly commissioned an investigation into the matter. By November 2020, The Clear Season 6 was announced as the final run, and fans simultaneously knew Alex would never return. Understandably, the general assumption is that The release of Cas Anvar came as a result of the misconduct investigation, but it has not yet been officially confirmed. Asked if Alex’s release was planned from the beginning, The ClearNaren Shankar’s showrunner, declined to respond in any way. Admitted by Shankar (h/t Den sa Geek) nga a The death of the main character was mentioned earlier The Clear season 5’s production, but Alex isn’t specifically on the line of firing, nor that the conversations could be any concrete with a lead actor not facing real-world allegations.

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from The Clear season 5 Filming was completed before the Cas Anvar controversy began, some viewers speculated that Alex’s death was finally interrupted by reshoots. It definitely is APPEARANCE which is the case, that Alex’s last scene was just a static frame and a few drops of digital blood floating in the past. Alex’s separation line may have slipped during post-production, and even if Bobbie delivered him ”juiced on the gill”previously, the camera was cut from Frankie Adams, suggesting that it could also be added during ADR (automated dialogue replacement) to avoid filming more scenes with Anvar.

Given how close The Clear usually following the novels of James SA Corey, as well as the sudden nature of Alex’s death, it seems unlikely that the character’s release was part of the original plan for season 5. If The Clear planning to kill Alex in advance, his last moments are definitely more impactful, rather than playing off -screen.

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