Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris Redefine the Soccer Mom Stereotype

And, ahem, the two are just at home. Amid intense soccer games and endless parenting fatigue, Ali and Ashlyn dedicate their lives. fighting for equality and setting a positive example for LGBTQ +youth.

Even if they’ve been together for a decade, “we haven’t used to post most of our relationship online and now, looking back, I think, I wish I could have done it as soon as possible because because I think it’s really important little kids to see, ”Ali said. “I remember going to a look and a little girl said to her two mothers, ‘Hey, he’s just like our family.’ It brought tears to my eyes because we did the right thing and made an impact. “

That’s why they’re looking for partners like Hertz, a brand they like celebrating their love story. “As a kid, I didn’t have these things. I didn’t open a magazine or see on billboards people like me,” Ashlyn said. “Now we’re showing families that same -sex couples can build beautiful families with lots of love and complete joy and happiness. Sometimes it has to be seen to be real.”

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