Alina’s Mom Reacts To Daughter’s Intimate Scenes With Caleb

Alina Kozhevnikova gets her mother Nataly to share her thoughts on her boyfriend, Caleb Greenwood, in a hilarious reaction video on Instagram.

When 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Alina Kozhevnikova got her mother Natalya to comment on the cuddling scenes between her and boyfriend Caleb, the reaction was truly priceless. Season 5 of the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off features Russian singer Alina who’s meeting American man Caleb for the first time. Alina’s condition of diastrophic dysplasia hasn’t stopped her from always living her best life, but fans are watching Caleb still coming to terms with Alina’s size in person. Although Caleb hesitated initially, he and Alina did share a passionate moment at the end of episode 4. Fans are wondering if the love will last when Caleb discovers Alina’s secret.


For now, what could really break Alina and Caleb’s relationship apart is the constant nudging and interference by her friends in Turkey. Alina’s BFF band member and roommate Elijah has already started a war with Caleb after asking him personal questions about the couple’s private time. It did take a lot of convincing for Caleb to finally give Alina the “American coffee ”she wanted, and he blamed his lack of desire on his 20-hour flight. Alina admitted to Caleb that he fell asleep even without even cuddling her and he defended himself by saying Alina taking 10 minutes to wash her face was a long time. Still, Caleb warmed up to Alina when his “big arms”Were around her making her feel small and protected. “He has a really nice body and it’s fun to touch him … wanna touch him more,”Alina blushed and gushed about Caleb to the 90 Day Fiancé cameras.

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Caleb and Alina’s scene was one of the most talked-about moments from episode 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. So much so that Alina had to record her mother’s hilarious reaction when Natalya watched it. “My mom watching a show be like: ” Alina wrote as her Instagram story caption for a video in which she interviewed her mom in Russian. Alina asked her mom what she thinks about Caleb. “Good boy. Cute, serious,Alina’s mom complimented Caleb. She also joked that Alina is “not good“For Caleb because she’s”too careless girl. ” When it came to Natalya seeing Alina praising Caleb’s body, her reaction was “sex is going on here!”As she looked visibly embarrassed.

Alina Kasha Mom Instagram Caleb In 90 Day Fiance

Alina egged her mom further by wanting to know what Natalya thought of the scene. “Get me some alcohol, please…”Is what her mom said after that as per Alina. The sweet Russian mom commented that Alina should “bring some whiskey”Next time. Because it would be impossible for Natalya to watch these scenes involving Caleb and Alina “without it.”Natalya was apprehensive of sending Alina to Turkey to meet Caleb, especially since she was left heartbroken by a man she had flown to South Africa to meet. “I don’t know Caleb, ”Natalya had said about“stranger”Caleb who she was finding difficult to trust around her daughter, especially when it came to Alina’s safety.

But Alina’s mom appears to have accepted Caleb, now that the couple is done filming their 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season. Besides, Caleb has also assured Alina that she’s the only girl he’s ever told his parents about. Still, not every TLC viewer is convinced that Caleb and Alina will stay together after the show. Some feel that the two risked their friendship of 13 years by getting romantic feelings involved. But Alina and Caleb are surely friends even now, and whether they’re still dating, remains to be seen.

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