All Records Broken By Fast & Annoying Movies

Get a win win!

the Strength and Fury The franchise has broken various blockbuster records since its inception in 2001. With eight films, many spin-offs and a cast calling each family, it is clear why the latest installment F9 ready to be the most filmed. In fact, it has already made history at the international box office to come to coronavirus pandemic.

Talk numbers: Yes, there may be hundreds of car flips, badass chases and an iconic one liner like Vin Diesel warns against living life a fourth mile at a time while Dominic Toretto is onscreen. But the Strength and Fury The series broke box office records at lightning speed. Diesel boasts in 2018 that Fate of the Angry is “the fastest movie in history to hit a billion dollars,” he agreed exudation. Fate of the Angry reported slightly overtaken Star Wars: The Force Awakens to get the title.

What are the other records the franchise has thrown? Buckle up, it’s a ride!

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