All That Sells in the Sunset Jason Oppenheim Can’t Live Without

The real estate mogul and Selling at sunset Star just did not give Oh! the rundown of the new season, but he’s also candid about some of his most beloved products that he can’t live without, both in his home and in the new offices of the Oppenheim Group. With his favored Assouline books and the edgy Buster + Punch lamp adorning every agent’s desk, Jason says he keeps a Keurig coffee machine in every office, and in his own home.

“When clients come in, the first thing I do is offer them a cup,” says Jason. “I have, like, a whole bar dedicated to the Keurig coffee maker and my Oppenheim Group mugs.”

Not only that, the star also gave a gift to his long-distance girlfriend Marie-Lou Nurk a Keurig. Coffee is not the only thing that can keep her LDR going. Jason also attributes “American Express points,” extensive travel and communication to the success of his romance with Marie-Lou.

“I just think we’re really committed to making it work,” he said. “And I think we have a lot of respect and love for each other and, and we talk a lot, talk a lot and it feels relaxed and comfortable for both of us. I think we both value the relationship a lot. , I think we’re, you know, we’re really putting in effort to make it work. Long distance isn’t easy. It takes effort, but we are motivated to make it work.”

Ahead, read more about Selling at sunset star Jason Oppenheim must have things in the new office of the Oppenheim Group, plus everything he can’t live without.

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