All the Negatives Kody Says About Christine

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is starting to lose patience with his plural marriage. The patriarch was caught speaking ill of Christine.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives not always speaking positively about Christine Brown, and fans are already starting to pay attention. Of course, there were comments about him that he wished he hadn’t done, captured by TLC cameras. Kody’s bad words can happen negatively affecting his relationship with Christine, causing its reduction.

Sister Wives It was very difficult for the audience to understand the patriarch, even after he shared that he was no stranger to vague threats from his spouses when they did not get what they wanted. The polygamist lifestyle of the Brown family seems to be on fire. Each of his three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn Brown, seemed unhappy, and Christine Brown left him. However, Kody shared that he is used to complaints. However, Kody has already begun to lose his love of plural marriage, and beats up those closest to him.


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Fans weren’t surprised to hear Kody say he was there ”polygamy Hell“on the show. Sister Wives season 16 showing the family in the worst place they have ever been. Kody was rude to all his wives and even told them no “give a sh*t” about their opinions about its COVID-19 rules. Sadly, Christine endured her cruelty. During the Dec. 19 episode, Kody confessed that he just didn’t feel like his marriage to Christine, saying, “He really complained about the lack of romance or intimacy in the relationship for many years.” According to Kody, Christine gave him an ultimatum regarding their marriage.

Kody Brown cries at Sister Wives

Kody also revealed that he and Christine separated before the pandemic began. In the new season on Sunday, Kody reveals that he believes in his third wife hated him, marked, “I think Christine hates me, because the True is about to die and she thinks I’m neglecting.” Viewers will recall that Truely was sent to hospital for kidney failure in 2014. In the family book Became Sister Wives, Kody famously mentions that he is not attracted to Christine because it is not enough for his tastes. Kody described his third wife as “pretty chubby “ and complained about how he ate the nachos. Kody doesn’t have any issues about sharing information about his turn-offs, but the father of 18 seems to have more negative opinions about Christine than other wives.

TLC viewers are watching Kody for the current season, as he continues to find himself in hot water with his remaining mates. Fans still feel it he favors Robyn Brown, as he spent his entire solitude alone with her. Kody’s anger towards his other wives has really begun to erode his already troubled relationships. In November, Christine finally quit it and returned to Utah to be with her family. while Sister Wives Fans hoped Kody learned his lesson on how his words hurt those around him, other viewers didn’t think he would feel bad about anything he said.

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Sister Wives will air on Sunday at 10 pm EST on TLC.

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