All the TV Moms We Wish We’d Adopted

Growing up in front of the TV isn’t so bad thanks to these ladies.

it Mothers day and we couldn’t think of a better time to honor the most special women in our lives: No, not our real moms, but our beloved television moms. We’re taking a moment to celebrate matriarchs from classic series like Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lightsas well as modern moms of Ginny and Georgia and Summer Made Me Beautiful.

Thanks to these women, we learn life lessons about compassion and fashion, motherhood and men. And, if you’re lucky enough to get it from Moira Rose Schitt’s Creek in the United States as your mentor, wig and wine. You know, the important things in life.

So, instead of gifting these women with bouquets of flowers or a gift card to a spa, we will give them something more meaningful: A sentimental message about why they are so important to us. (As we told our real mothers when we handed her a blank card, isn’t this the thought Granted count?)

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