All You Need to Prepare for the Blackwood Expansion of Elder Scroll Online

To prepare for the Elder Scroll Online: Blackwood chapter, players will want to visit the Deadlands, check out the DLC, and save Auridon.

To prepare for Elder Scroll Online: Blackwood, players can now spend some time getting used to the skills and mechanics before launching the new chapter. the Blackwood chapter for Elder Scroll Online scheduled to release June 1 for PC and June 8 for consoles. It’s a year -long story centered on Mehrunes Dagon, one of the Daedric Princes, and his agents. The new chapter is expected to launch with more than 30 hours of new content, new features and locations to explore, and bug fixes and best quality of life. Players can now begin to explore, test, and hone their demon-fighting skills. Elder Scroll Online first to release Blackwood.

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There are many activities that players can do to prepare them Blackwood free as part of Elder Scroll Online base game, and there are also some options that players can open or purchase at the Crown Store. Players can explore aspects of the Deadlands, practice dealing with cults, portals, and Daedra in the base game, find and identify key NPCs that will join them on their journey. , fight through some new dungeons, and experience all the events leading up to the new chapter with two Prologue quests. Here’s everything players can do to prepare Blackwood chapter of Elder Scroll Online.

How to Play the Blackwood Chapter Prologue in Elder Scroll Online

A group of players entered an Oblivion Portal in Elder Scroll Online: Blackwood

The first and probably most important thing players can do is to prepare Blackwood chapter of Elder Scroll Online is to open and complete the Prologue. This Prologue contains a two-part quest that identifies players in the middle of the conflict. Blackwood. In the Prologue, players will team up with Eveli Sharp-Arrow and Lyranth to investigate the cult that worships Mehrunes Dagon. Even if they are not official fellow players, Both Eveli and Lyranth will be instrumental in the new chapter and will accompany the player to the main points of their journey, so getting to know them is important. The end of the Prologue searches will lead directly Blackwood.

Players can ablihan ang Blackwood Prologue for free on Elder Scroll Online as part of the base game. To access it, they need to open the Crown Store and go to Search Beginners tab. The search is called A Touch of the Mortal.

Other Ways to Prepare for the Blackwood Chapter in Elder Scroll Online

Battle of the Elder Scroll Online: Blackwood

There are other things players can do, both in the base game and in the DLC, to prepare Elder Scroll Online: Blackwood. If they want to get a little information before Eveli and Lyranth collaborate on the Prologue or new chapter, players can find them anywhere in Tamriel. Lyranth is in the Imperial City Prison when players install the free Imperial City DLC from the Crown Store. He was also spotted in the Shadowfen zone and the Coldharbour zone as part of the base game. Eveli is even harder to get, as players have to buy the Orsini DLC to find him. Players can complete questlines with these characters to find out about them first in the new chapter.

Players can also work with Eveli and Lyranth on Angers of Ambition The DLC, the first new content to be released on Story of the Gates of Oblivion. Angers of Ambition opened two new, optional dungeon experiences, The Cauldron and Black Drake Villa. Chronologically, it is intended to come before the Blackwood Prologue. The completion of the two prisons will provide a lot of background information and information to set the stage. Blackwood. Players can buy Angers of Ambition for 1500 Crown Store Crowns or access them with an ESO Plus subscription.

Most of Elder Scroll Online: Blackwood negotiates with cults loyal to Mehrunes Dagon, serving as the opponent of the saga year. Players can get some practice dealing with cults and Daedra first in the new chapter. In the Auridon zone of the base game, players can help protect Firsthold and the rest of the town from cults and seal the portals they open in the Deadlands.

Elder Scroll Online Compatible Companion Mirri Elendis

It’s also possible to get a lot of trouble in Deadlands and Daedra by playing City of Ash 1 and 2 dungeons. These experiences were spotted at Greenshade and saw players fighting to prevent a small army to attack Daedra. Especially in City of Ash 2, players physically enter the Deadlands to fight Daedra, which is well behaved. Blackwood.

Elder Scroll Online: Blackwood happened a few hundred years ago The Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion, but many of the locations are familiar to those who have played both games. Newcomers to the series or fans who want to brush up on their lore may also want to prepare for Blackwood chapter with another run of Ignorance so that they can see more clearly how all the pieces come together.

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Elder Scroll Online: Blackwood launched June 1, 2021 for PC, Mac, Stadia, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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