Allow Rebecca Black to Re-Introduce Herself

And now he’s writing a new book with the latest project, This is Rebecca Black.

A solid mix of what he calls “that hyper pop-y, like, you know, good song of my dreams,” and “incredibly emotional” tracks like the more vulnerable “Blue,” there is “a lot of variation in terms the sound it sounds like,” he said. This is the result of allowing himself and his team to really go there in the writing process.

“I really give myself a lot of freedom, and the people I work with too – the creators and co -writers,” he explains. “I think we’re all trying to challenge ourselves to push the limits in terms of what a pop project can reveal and really bind as much as possible.”

Inspired by icons like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Grimes and Gwen Stefani “who isn’t afraid to take a chance,” he said, “I think I want, in my own way, to ditch the risk taking, because I finally feel like I can do that.”

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