Alone in the Dark Remake Stars Jodie Comer, David Harbor

David Harbor has announced that he is making a horror game with Jodie Comer, but it’s not clear what this game is. That is now confirmed, because the two actors are the two main characters in the future Alone in the Dark remake.

Who are David Harbor and Jodie Comer in the Alone in the Dark remake?

Harbor plays a detective Edward Carnby, a grizzled private investigator who is quite different in outlook from his 1992 counterpart. Game writer and director Mikael Hedberg, who is known for writing the first two Amnesia titles at Frictional Games and Soma, said that Harbor has a “strong presence” as an actor and can do well with people- there are dramatic situations. Harbor also talked about the series and what he likes about Edward.

“I know the past iterations of the game,” Harbor said. “The video game world is something I’m very interested in in general. The horror genre is special. He’s a fierce detective and he’s looking for something, and he’s hard to cook, but he has a laugh- that’s him. He’s a bit of a trope or type, and I like that. And I like the world and how he explores this craziness amidst all the horror and stuff.

Comer plays Emily Hartwood, Jeremy Hartwood’s niece who is haunted by a character named Dark Man. Hedberg said Comer brings a lot of nuance to the character, making it easier for players to sympathize with him. Comer also talked about Hartwood and how she tries to juggle all of Emily’s complexities.

“I love the mystery of the game, and I love his portrait,” Comer said. “There’s so much about him that I’m curious about. There’s a lot of fear inside him and a lot of suspicion, curiosity, fear, intrigue. There’s a lot about him that’s on the edge. Yes, there’s a scary element, but he still has to travel and discover the different things. And there has to be room to breathe and have a funny moment or a sarcastic moment or a discovery moment. So it’s just trying to keep all the other beats alive in between darkness in all.”

Developer Pieces Interactive also talked more about the game by talking about the psychological horror “more than just jump scares,” the resource-driven gun, many puzzles, and thick atmosphere. The team also announced the release date for the game, which is October 25 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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