Aly & AJ on With Love From, Linda Ronstadt, and More: Podcast

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Aly and AJ catch up with Kyle Meredith to discuss their latest album, With Love From.

The sister duo discussed how much the record was born from extensive touring behind 2021’s A Touch of the Beat Gets You On Your Feet and Out into the Sunhow their pop background often overshadowed their singing, and used Linda Ronstadt and Bonnie Raitt as touchstones for this new set.

They also told us about filmmaker Terrence Malick giving his stamp of approval on one of the new tracks, having Joy Oladokun as a guest, and their thoughts on one of the most scandalous lyrics of LP.

Listen to Aly and AJ’s chat With Love From and more in the new episode above, or watch the chat via the YouTube player below. Then, be sure like, review, and subscribe to KMW wherever you get your podcasts. You can also keep up with all of our series by following the Podcast Network Results.

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