Amelia Hamlin Finds A Way To Take Scott Disick With Him Anywhere

New phone, who … Disick?

Amelia Hamlin finds a funny way to keep her lover alive Scott Disick within reach of the arm. On Tuesday, May 4, the 37-year-old Continuing the Kardashians The star’s 19-year-old girlfriend posted a mirror selfie of her Instagram Story shown on the back of her iPhone carrying a multi-stick “Lord Disick” with a crown emoji, which sold online.

In 2017, after dating Scott for a few months, Sofia Richie, formerly also 19 years of age, is was photographed in public carrying an iPhone with self -decorated Scott Disick. The case features an image of Scott wearing a suit and having a phone in his ear, as well as the words “Lord Disick bitch.” At the time, they were also sold online. Sofia, now 22, and Scott broke up last year.

Amelia, daughter of The Real Homes in Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna, also used jewelry to pay homage to her lover. Last month, he debuted a bracelet bearing the name “Scott,” made of Country Bachelor alum Corinne OlympiosAura Sugar Co.’s business.

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