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America was formed in the fires of war. The American Revolution – fought between 1765 and 1783 – once and for all gained our independence from Great Britain.

But America was also shaped by the fire of faith. In fact, it was a unique and historic movement of faith in the 1740s that laid the groundwork for the outcome of the American Revolution. “The Great Awakening,” as it was called, swept through the thirteen colonies and united the American people around three important principles:

One, a belief in inalienable rights. Our right to life and liberty does not come from the government, but from God.

Second, a belief in a higher law. Citizens must submit to authority unless that authority conflicts with God’s higher law.

And third, a belief in the equality of all people before God. Whether prince or pauper, king or commoner, every human life is sacred in the eyes of God.

Religious freedom is at the heart of American freedom. Faith inspired the colonists to break away from Great Britain and establish the United States of America. It also serves as the foundation of American culture, law, and government.

America has always been a nation of strength. But it has also become a nation of faith. Religious traditions support the values ​​that have united our country for almost 250 years and made our country unique in the world.

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