Amy Schumer Has NSFW’s Answer to This Marriage Question

Coming into her sex life after baby, new mother Amy Schumer an open book.

During his April 28 interview on SiriusXM’s Comedy Thoughts of Gold with Kevin Hart, ang Digging the train The actress knows what it’s like to hook up her husband Chris Fischer, two years after birth of their first child, Gene David Fischer. She explains to Kevin that her “p – y” has changed a lot since she gave birth.

“Actually it’s like, a lot now and just rubbish,” he laughed. “It’s just garbage on the street.”

The comedian also shared that she and her husband’s sex life are definitely different post-baby.

“Maybe we have sex every seven to 10 days,” Amy shares. “And we did it and we went, ‘God, that’s fine. It’s like we have to do that more.’ And then we won’t do it again for another seven to 10 days. “

He also told the landlord a story about how Chris was happy to lie in bed with him not long ago.

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