An Ode to Odele: The $12 Clarifying Shampoo I Swear By

See what some Odele Beauty reviewers have to say about its wonders clarification of the shampoo.

According to one shopper, “I have fine colored hair and struggle with build up from conditioning products. I’m tired of washing my hair every day but this leaves my hair soft and clean without drying it out. The smell is a plus!”

Another reviewer wrote, “This shampoo has been perfect for my hair so far. Before I started using it, my scalp always felt dirty no matter how much I washed with my old shampoo, and my hair it always feels heavy and oily and i have a lot of buildup on my scalp.but now it’s totally gone and my hair is so much lighter.i’m serious because i feel so bad even though i know my hair is clean, it’s not very good.. I use this clarifying shampoo about once every 3 days, and I in between washes I condition my hair in the shower every day. My hair feels so soft and my skin in scalp feels so much cleaner!!! No more buildup!!!!”

A shopper of Odele Beauty said, “I have never used a clarifying shampoo before but after moving cities I started to experience a lot of buildup that I can’t get rid of. hair is a little drier than usual but it very soft and after using some leave in conditioner my hair feels better than it has in months. I definitely don’t use it more than once a week (as recommended), but their smoothing shampoo is good for my other hair washing days. I can’t wait to try their smoothing conditioner! I have dry, thick, wavy hair. I’m also surprised that I use very little. My hair is in the middle of the back but it spreads super quick. Great product, definitely worth buying”

Another reviewer wrote, “I have been using Odele for about 2 years now and it has completely changed my hair. I have fine and weak hair and use it to build up oil every day. It also stopped growing. by 3 inches above my shoulders. The fine hair feels thicker, it has less split ends, isn’t oily for days, and it’s the longest, down to my waist. . No change!”

According to another reviewer, “I have never taken care of my hair, and I want to start. I found Odele, which seems to be the best of all worlds. I have never used a clarifying shampoo. before so I didn’t really know what to expect. I wash my hair less since using this shampoo, and my hair is cleaner and clearer after using this shampoo. I love it !”

Another reviewer said, “I’ve had dandruff for years and the only thing that helps it is a prescription grade shampoo from a dermatologist. I hate using harsh chemicals and toxins anywhere in the house, especially on my body. I have the Odell shot. and it really changed my whole routine. I trust their ingredients and it leaves my hair smelling delicious and scalp completely clean and back to neutral. I use it’s once a week. Love the pricing and branding too. A++”

One Odele shopper wrote, “I love how Odele has all the clean products and no harsh chemicals. This clarifying shampoo makes my hair feel so clean. I also love the smell! It smells like cucumbers. I have naturally long thick curly hair so I use a lot of products so this shampoo really helps get rid of all the build up! I will definitely be repurchasing after I use this bottle!”

Another shopper noted the shampoo’s effectiveness in treating their buildup, writing, “I have 4b textured hair so I was skeptical when I first tried it because I thought it was too harsh. I have a lot of buildup because as I use quite a bit of product to keep my hair moisturized. After one wash of this shampoo my scalp is 10x lighter and softer. No more buildup or residue on my scalp. hair. 10/ 10”

Finally, an Odele reviewer wrote, “I don’t leave reviews. That said, I’m tired of trying overpriced cleansing shampoos to get the product out of my scalp. a leg, the others are literally on fire. Enter..THIS. the price is great, it’s gentle on skin/hair. The smell is decent. It’s natural..what more can you ask for?”

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