An Ode To TV Shows That Show How Powerful Women Are

A lot of TV shows featuring inspiring AF women? Consider it handled, thanks to none other than Shonda Rhimes.

If you aspire to be part of a crisis management team then take a look Kerry Washington stole the show on Scandal or you are better prepared to get your law degree after seeing Viola Davis star of How to Avoid MurderEither way, the prolific television creator knows how to write characters that inspire viewers by showing how powerful women really are.

And even before Rhimes stole our hearts (and our attention) every Thursday on her star-studded ABC lineup, women were kicking literal and figurative butt on spy-centric shows like Veronica Mars (with Kristen Bellhis reliable camera and sardonic wit as the lead) and assumed name (who saw Jennifer Garner perform countless missions as a double agent in the first actions).

And there’s more action where that comes from.

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