Andrew Garfield explains why Spider-Man No Way Home Resonates with Fans

Andrew Garfield thinks Spider-Man: No Way Home resonance with audiences has to do with the main themes of loneliness and brotherhood.

Andrew Garfield explains why he thinks so Spider-Man: No Way Home the voices of the fans were very loud. The latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to come out in theaters is also the third in a trilogy of solo-outings for friendly neighborhood hero Tom Holland, who joined the 2016’s franchise. Captain America: Civil War. After a marketing campaign that generated significant hype and speculation, No Pauli opened on December 17 to strong reviews from critics and is still going strong in theaters around the world.

Since its release, audiences have been flocking to see the latest Spider-Man, which gave the Marvel movie the best box-office performance since the pandemic began. No Pauli crossed the $ 1 billion milestone in just 12 days and exceeded the entire domestic gross of Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker, is considered the last pre-pandemic blockbuster. Fans were also very excited about what awaited them, as a combination of a compelling arc for Peter’s Holland with the multiversal nostalgia tour of Spider-Man movies previously made for an exciting theatrical experience reminiscent of Avengers: Last Game.


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Garfield, who repeated his role as Spider-Man from The Amazing Spider-Man movies on No Pauli, thinks he knows why the film has proven to be a huge hit with audiences. Talking to and, the British-American actor connects back to the core themes of the project, claiming that the loneliness Peter Parker experienced as he grew into his gifts is something everyone can relate to. Bringing together three individuals who are fully related and supportive of each other, according to Garfield, makes for a strong positive experience. See the full excerpt below:

I think one of the reasons why I think it’s so appealing to so many people around the world, is that feeling of loneliness that we can all-and loneliness is probably a better word-that we everyone can relate, just like us. Thinking about our goodness, our ordinaryness and how that meets our uniqueness and going through adolescence and becoming a perfect human being. The loneliness that the character felt, archetypally, that he seemed destined to feel for the rest of his life, was suddenly shattered. And these three men, who may have felt alone in the universe before, suddenly realized that they were never alone, they were never alone and there really was a brotherhood there, and God knows how many more Spider-Men, Peter. Parkers, was there to join the support group.

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The positivity that Garfield portrays is certainly an important aspect of Spider-Man: No Way Home. When the villains from the past Spider-Man franchises initially arrived and Dr. Strange explains that they must be brought back, despite their death, Peter of Holland makes the decision to oppose the Sorcerer Supreme and try to heal any scourge of the antagonists. Although it cost him a lot, it proved to be a healing experience for those he helped, and once the three Spideys were together, they continued to help each other process the trauma in their lives.

For Garfield’s version, of course, it means dealing with the horrific death of Gwen Stacy, which he does over and over again by rescuing Zendaya’s MJ in almost the same situation. In fact, the catharsis of that moment, and Garfield’s performance of it, resulted in an online campaign to revive his unfinished trilogy, though it’s unclear if it will actually happen. While many may use a more daring method of explanation No Paulithe popularity and chalk it up to fan service, this explanation has merit, and the film’s almost therapeutic tone is probably the same thing viewers crave in difficult times.

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