Angela Bassett’s Stylist Reveals Dressing Secrets For Black Tie

How do you get out of your fashion comfort zone?

According to Jennifer, the best way to push yourself is to take baby steps. He said it can be as easy as trying a different silhouette, choosing a bright color or enhancing your favorite part-your arms, legs or décolletage.

“Color always draws the eye,” he said. “It’s a new way to bring energy, light and youth to any look. Take a color you love, that sings to you, and then start building from there.”

But instead of emphasizing how you want to get out of your comfort zone, think about Why. Jennifer notices that your group is telling a story, so what do you want to share?

“When I dress Angela, my job is to make her shine brighter, so any time you dress for events, that’s the goal,” continued the stylist. “Remember that you are creating a moment, and in that moment, what is the thing that sets you apart from everyone else but is still in your comfort zone?”

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